Sheikh Lotfollah mosque



Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque

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Iran is full of beautiful mosque which each are master pieces standing alone. Specifically, Sheikh Lotfullah mosque in Isfahan is one of the 16 century mosques which is a symbol of great purity and beauty. This must-see spot is located in Naghsh-eJahan square and every inch of it was designed by the chief architect Sheikh Bahai in the 1600s to be used by the royals.

Later, the doors of the mosque was opened to the public and now it is one of the greatest tourist attractions of Isfahan.

But one thing that distinguishes this mosque from any other mosque is may be a spot in the center of mosque. It doesn’t really matter whether you’ve got a good voice or not…. The echo from the dome of the mosque will make you sound like Frank Sinatra! You can compare Sheikh Lotfullah mosque echo effects to Tulsa in Oklahoma; well, they say Tulsa is the Sonic Center of the Universe but I’ll let you decide after you experience Sheikh Lotfullah mosque.

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