The History of Tourism in Iran



The History of Tourism in Iran

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The History of Tourism in Iran

Tourism In Iran several hundred years old, but they say that the key to economic prosperity for this parameter when the photographer went along, try to enter Cinematography by Mozafreldin Shah of Iran and documentary images of points of tourism to other countries were sent to the larger caravan slowly of international tourists enter the land of Aryans made.

But in fact the second decade of century tourism in Iran in 1900 and formally formed in 1935 for the first time in an office called “Office of attracting tourist and foreign propaganda” in the Interior Ministry and the establishment of tourism-related affairs office was assigned to the above. In the same year that the state board was established “tourists focus of Iran” issued a duty to facilitate the travel of tourists was in charge. The center, which officially was registered in February 1938 was different in the country were giving tourists to visit, attracting tourist office in 1941 the “Supreme Council of Tourism” renamed. Council meetings once a week Interior Ministry was formed. In 1333 a Supreme Council of tourism affairs and tourism into the Interior Ministry was concentrated. Activities of this office during the years 1954 to perform some services can be developed infrastructure and supervisory rules and regulations on tourism, including the entry and residence of foreign nationals “pointed out.
Also in April 1963 an organization called “the Organization to attract tourist” related prime minister was established. The main objective of introducing the history of the organization and encourage domestic and foreign tourists to travel and travel and visit the ancient landscapes and create the necessary focus and coordination in matters related to tourism was. In July 1974 the organization to attract tourist in the Information Ministry was merged and a new ministry called “Ministry of Information and Tourism” was created. Iran Tourism Organization – WeGoIranAfter the revolution in 1978, it was renamed to “national Ministry of Culture” and then to “Islamic Guidance Ministry”, then renamed Department of Tourism and the establishment of new ministries, oversee affairs of the country’s tourism took over. With the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, Department of Tourism and pilgrimage above ministries: “Traveling and Tourism Office” in order to plan the tourism industry, education, tourism practitioners, grading, supervision and facilities, pricing, communication and international … Formed.

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