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Shiraz City Guide

Shiraz is the capital of Fars Province and located in the south-west of Iran. It is is considered as one of the 10 most populous cities of the country.

Known as the city of flowers, wine, poem, literature and gardens, throughout its long history, it has become one of the most popular travel destinations in Iran.

Consequently there is a fantastic and unparalleled treasure of discovery, enough to satisfy every traveler as they explore the city’s ancient past and new modern face.

Shiraz at a Glance

Shiraz tourist’s attractions and highlights:

Persepolis (UNESCO’s world heritage)
Naqshe Rostam (Necropolis)
Pasargade (UNESCO’s world heritage)
Eram garden (UNESCO’s world heritage)
Tomb of Hafez
Tomb of Saadi
Nasir-Ol-Molk Mosque (Pink Mosque)
Arg of Karimkhan (Karimkhan citadel)
Vakil Mosque
Vakil Bazaar
Saraye Moshir
Vakil Bath
Quran gate
Pars museum
Shah-e Cheragh Shrine
Ali Ebn-e Hamzeh Shrine
Afif-Abad Garden
Jahan Nama Garden
Zinat ol Molk House
Qavam House
Atigh Jame Mosque


Homa Hotel (*****)
Shiraz Grand Hotel (*****)
Chamran Grand Hotel (*****)
Shiraz Pars International Hotel (*****)
Zandiyeh Hotel (*****)
Elysee Hotel (****)
Karimkhan Hotel (****)
Aryobarzan Hotel (****)
Park Saadi Hotel (****)
Setaregan Hotel (****)
Parsian Hotel (****)
Royal Hotel (****)
Arg Hotel (***)
Roudaki Hotel (***)
Niyayesh traditional hotel (**)

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