Iran Discovery Tour 14 Days

Iran Discovery Tour 14 Days

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Iran Discovery Tour 14 Days. All the pathos and irony of leaving one’s youth behind is thus implicit in every joyous moment of travel: one knows that the first joy can never be recovered, and the wise traveler learns not to repeat successes but tries new places all the time. We have designed our Impressions of Iran Tour, in a way that it covers Iran’s main cities like Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, and Yazd as well as Ahvaz and an experience of rural life.

The tour will start and end in Tehran.

Tehran as a capital of Iran is the most crowded city in the country. The city is not that much old but you will be amazed by its palaces and museums from the previous rulers of Iran like Pahlavi and Qajar.

Ahvaz is located in the southwest of Iran and has long hot summers and short winters so just forget it if you are going to be here during Summer.

This city is the capital of Khuzestan province, one of the centers of ancient civilization, Elamites. The province it has some remained sites to visit from old time.

Choqa Zanbil (listed as one of the UNESCO World Heritage) an impressive five-story temple with mud brick structure dating back to Elamite empire, built approximately in 1250 BC is one of the few ziggurats located out of Mesopotamia but the best-preserved one.

Shiraz is famous for splendid Persepolis and its people daily life.

Then you will drive towards Bavanat to have an experience of living with rural family.

We continue our trip with visiting desert city of Yazd, the city of wind towers, an unforgettable perspective of mud structure houses.

Isfahan is well known in all the world, The city of turquoise mosques and full of handmade arts.

And finally, you will drive back to Tehran via the city of Kashan. On your way to Kashan, you will visit the red village of Abyaneh.In Kashan, you will stay at one hotel in a traditional home style.

  • Our routes have been carefully chosen to include the best night stops and highlights. However, as local and operational conditions may vary and unforeseen circumstances can arise, the following itinerary should be used as a guideline.

Day 1

Arrival in Tehran

After your Arrival at the airport, you will be transferred to your hotel by our driver. Breakfast is included with the hotel room depending on your arrival time.
Day 2


On the second day, you’ll visit Golestan Palace complex as a world heritage site according to UNESCO’s list. By the time you have with this tour in Tehran, we usually plan to visit the Main Palace, Negar Khane which is a collection of earliest photographs took in Iran & Baadgir (building of wind catchers). Then go to Tehran Grand Bazaar, one of the largest historical bazaars in the world. Bazaar is a great showcase to Iranians life. You can easily find out the influence of religion on people’s life & how conservative the people are. Next destination, the Jewelry Museum, is located in the Central Bank of Iran where you can find the most stunning jewelry which belonged to the kingdoms of Iran. After that, you’ll visit Iran National Museum, the most important museum of Iran in term of variety archeological research. Before transferring you to the airport you will also visit the Abgineh Museum of Tehran which is the Glassware and Ceramic Museum of Iran. After landing in Ahvaz our driver will transfer you to your hotel.
Day 3


Your Ahvaz day begins with Susa ancient city, the political capital of ancient Iran. The city includes Achaemenid palace, French Castle, Archeological Museum and Tomb of Daniel. Susa has been registered as a World heritage site in 2015. Then you will drive to Haft Tappe ancient city and its archeological museum. Haft Tape City is located near Susa &and it is the remaining parts of Elamite. The next place you will visit is Choghazanbil Ziggurat. Ziggurats are the top echelon houses of worship in east Asia. At last you’ll stay overnight in Shushtar City. The name of Shushtar came from Susa name, meaning a place which is more beautiful than Susa.
Day 4

Shushtar- Gachsaran

Forth day will begin by visiting Shushtar historical hydraulic system.The place is an island with complex irrigated water system containing bridges, dams, canals, and tunnels made 1500 years ago. Shushtar historical hydraulic system is recorded as a world heritage site by UNESCO along 15 other sites around Susa. Also you’ll visit the world’s oldest dam, Band-e Kaiser. We offer you to have lunch at Mostofi restaurant which also is a museum too. After lunch you will go to the Salasal Castle & Shovvadan. Because of the whether condition in Shovvadan City, people have built their house below the grounds surface. There are also holes in walls and ceiling that transfers heat to outside of the houses. You will leave Shushtar at evening heading to Gachsaran beautiful nature & you’ll stay overnight at a hotel in Gachsaran.
Day 5


In the morning of day 5, you will leave Gachsaran toward Bishpour City from Sassanid era. Bishapour is a combination of Iranian & Roman architecture which has a Castle, Anahita Temple & a Water Temple in it. On the way to Shiraz, you also visit Tang e Chogan with its handcrafted figures from Sassanid era. At the end of the day, you’ll accommodate in your pre-arranged hotel.
Day 6


Your day in Shiraz will begin with Pink mosque. The mosque brings you to the world of color and lights with its maddening tile and glass work. Five-minute walking from the mosque brings you to Naranjestan e Ghavam, a garden which ruler of Shiraz used to habitat in it in Qajar era. Few steps over Naranjestan you’ll arrive to Madrese e Khan (School of Khan).The place had 100 rooms for students and 4 gardens at the time that it was working. After visiting the school you’ll walk toward for about 10 minutes to visit Vakil Bazaar & Saray e Moshir where you can see & buy antique jewelry, Traditional Fars’s carpet called Gilim, Termeh (kindof fabric) & some traditional foods. Next, to the Vakil Bazaar, there is a Mosque & a Hammam(bath) also build by Karim Khan Zand. We can say the Vakil Hammam is the best maintained & kept traditional bath in Iran. Karim Khan citadel will be your last place to visit before lunch. Karimkhan Citadel was ruling place of Karim Khan Zand in Zandieh era. The Citadel has 14 meters’ height brick walls an 4000 m2 of the area. Also the architecture of interior can be interesting for you. Your afternoon will begin with Eram Garden, the most significant garden in Shiraz. Eram Garden has an alley of Sarv e Naz (cypress tree) with more than 100 years old. The garden also recorded as a world heritage site beside 8 other Iranian Gardens by UNESCO. Then you will visit Hafez tomb. Hafez was a poet who mostly written of his love stories and it is also called the poet of hopes. Saadi tomb will be your next place to visit. Saadi is the most famous poet in the world only by on line of his poem on the entrée of UNESCO. He is also known by his wisdom in Iran. Your 6th day will end up with Ali Ibn e Hamzeh shrine. Ali Ebne Hamzeh, Shah Cheragh & Imam Reza where fighting for true Islam together and have been killed by the ruler of the time. The shrine itself is a beautiful calm place that worth to visit.
Day 7


Persepolis is the first place you visit in this day which contains 3 main parts: military section, treasury & reception house. Persepolis has recorded a world heritage site by UNESCO. After that, we head to Naqsh e Rostam where the Zoroastrians god house habitats there. In the evening you’ll have dinner with an Iranian family.
Day 8

Shiraz-Zeinodin Caravanserai

In day 8th, in the morning you will start a travel to Zein o din caravanserai from Shiraz. En route you will visit Pasargadae،the most glorious tomb and also oldest one in Iran. Pasargadae has recorded a world heritage site by UNESCO. Then you’ll head to AbarKuh where you visit Aghazadeh Mansion. The wind catchers in this building have regarded the best of Iran’s wind catchers. Then you visit Abarkuh’s Yakhchal(the refrigerator) which was built before the invention of the electricity. The building is an adobe building that Can avoid the heat to enter because of its shape. At the end of the day, you will accommodate in Zeinodin caravanserai, a caravanserai from Safavid era on the silk road. Overnight Zein o din.
Day 9


A short trip takes you to the Yazd City, the city of adobe wind catchers. You will first visit the tower of silence where Zoroastrians used to bury their corpse. There is an interesting method of burying to not pollute the soil since the soil is one of the four holy elements for Zoroastrians. Next place that you will see is Atash Behram Fire Temple from Sassanid era which is well kept and still using Yazd’s Zoroastrians. Dowlatabad Garden is one of the sisters of Eram Garden in Shiraz since they have been recorded as world heritage site with 7 other gardens in Iran. Dowlatabad Garden has a significant building in the middle of the garden because of its wind catcher shape. Another site that has recorded by UNESCO in Yazd is the whole historic city of Yazd. All of the areas are full of historic adobe houses that have wind catcher’s alleys that ceiling & stone paving. You will walk for several minutes on the site. Then you visit Jame mosque of Yazd. The thin and tall entree of the mosque is the most significant part of it which also has great tile work. The construction of the mosque almost took 100 years. After that, you ’ll go to Amir Chakhmagh sq which has a mosque, a caravanserai & a Tekyeh. You will end your day with Saheb a Zaman Zurkhaneh (Iranian historical gym) & water museum. Zurkhaneh sports comes from Achaemenid era when soldiers worked out to get ready for the war. You will rest in your hotel room at the end of the day.
Day 10


By the start of the day you’ll drive to Isfahan via Meybod visiting pigeon tower, Narin Qal’eh. Narin Qal’eh is an adobe citadel similar to Arg e Bam. Then with a short stop in Nai'n, you visit Jame Mosque, Pirnia traditional house which is an Ethnology museum. Depending on the time, we can visit Rigareh Watermill and Aba Bafi workshop and Muhammadieh castle. On your arrival time, you will be hosted by Hotel in Isfahan.
Day 11


Your beautiful day in Isfahan will begin with Naqshe E Jahan square, where was the Shah Abbass Palace located on the northern side of the square. There is a wonderful story about the mosques around the square. One of the Sheikh Bahai students claimed that he is a better architecture than his master, so he started construction of Shah mosque on the eastern side of the square, 8 years after his master built Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque on the eastern side of the square. Finally turned out that the master building was much greater than his student since the tile working of the entrée in shah Mosque collapsed even when it had the higher entrée. However, the entree has been restored as well later. Chehel Sotoun Palace is your second site to visit. The most special thing about this site is the design of its pool which can reflect the picture of 20 columns of the palace. So we see forty columns which are the meaning of the name of a palace “Chehel Sotoun”. On Southern wing of Jame mosque, you’ll find yourself in Isfahan Grand Bazaar which is also called as Qeysarriyeh Bazaar. This bazaar was one of the main stops in Iran’s silk road. The eleventh day of the tour will end by two stunning bridges on Zayandeh Rud River, Khajoo & Si o Se Pol. Both bridges are made of brick & have two decks. Sio Se pol has 33 Arches that built under the ruling of Allah Verdi Khan who Built Khan school in Shiraz Which you visited before.
Day 12


As day 12 starts you will find yourself in a completely different part of the city, the New Jolfa distract. It’s the Armenian quarter of Isfahan that is famous for cozy coffee shops & restaurants and Vank church. The Vank cathedral is a fascinating place with amazing painting about Biblical stories all over the walls and ceiling. After that you go to the Aligholi Agha bath, it’s a traditional bath that was built in 1713 for public used with colorful walls. Then you will visit Jame mosque, one of the oldest mosque in Iran that has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2012. Hasht Behesht Palace will be your next stop. Quiet garden with stunning architecture and pool with fountains is the best place to relax and recharge. In the end, you will have a plenty of time to explore the Naghsh-E Jahan Square.
Day 13

Isfahan- Abyaneh- Kashan

The mosque consists of 2 parts. All of the building except the Daylamite Domed Shabistan which have constructed at Daylamite era belongs to IL-Khanid era. Also the shrine of Sheikh Abdolsamad is located at the mosque that has an octangular bedchamber design. Then you will drive to the red village of Abyaneh. This village is one of the oldest village in Iran where local people still live like their ancestors. The name of the red village comes from the buildings of the village which is built from clay bricks. You ’ll continue your way to Kashan by visiting Fin Garden, this garden counted as the historical site due to the murder of Amir-Kabir (the minister of Iran in Qajar era) in this place. Close to the Fin Garden, There is a hand built hill called Tepe Sialk which was a Ziggurat. The Amino Doleh Timche which is a small caravanserai uses for some religious ceremonies every year. You will rest at the hotel at the end of the day.
Day 14

Kashan – Qom- Imam Airport

In the morning you will see historical houses such as Tabatabaei, Borujerdi, and Abbassi houses. These are beautiful buildings which present Iranian culture and their artistic architecture perfectly by fabulous details in their walls, colorful windows, and remarkable decoration. Then you will visit Sultan Amir Ahmed public bathhouse which was built in the 16th century and its beautiful roof can enjoy the unique view of the city. The last place that you will see in Kashan is Agha Bozorg mosque, the most magnificent Islamic building complex that was built in 19th century in Kashan. After that, you leave Kashan to Nushabad City to visit the 1500 years old underground city of Ouyi. It’s the greatest ancient architecture in World that located in the middle of the desert and was built during the Sasanid era. We ’ll transfer you to IKA Airport for your departure flight at the end of the day.

Included Highlights
Golestan Place
Daniel Tomb
Shiraz Zandieh Complex
Bavanat Village ( Nomad & village life)
Naghsh-e-Jahan Square
Tower of Silence
Vank Cathedral
Tabatabaie Residence
Optional Activities
Spend Time with Nomads
Traditional Hotel

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