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18 days Iran Tour Package

18 days Iran Tour Package

Departure Date




18 days Iran Tour Package. Are you fond of both nature and culture?
This tour is a good choice for you.
including Iran main cities and some caves and hiking
The tour starts from Tehran and Finish in Tehran as well even though it can be changed based on your arrival and departure cities.

Day 1


Arrive at the airport, transfer to the hotel for rest then have a full day city tour of Tehran including Golestan palace, National museum, Saadabad Palace, Tabiat Bridge and Darband.
Day 2


Fly to Tabriz in the morning to visit Bazaar,Kaboud mosques, Museums and EL Goli Park
Day 3

Tabriz-Kandovan-Urumiyeh Lake-Miandoab

Drive to the Rock village of Kandovan then Urumiyeh lake, overnight Miandoab
Day 4


Drive to Zanjan via Takab to visit Takhte Soleiman. In Zanjan you will visit Bazzar, Rakhtshooy Khaneh and Salt men museum
Day 5


Drive to Qazvin via Soltaniyeh Dome. In Qazvin you will visit Aminiha Hosseiniyeh, Chehel Sotoun Palace, Jame mosque and Hamam
Day 6

Alamout Castle

Drive to Alamout castle and Ovan lake, Overnight Gozrkhan village
Day 7

Qazvin-Alisadr Cave-Hamadnan

Drive to Hamadan via alisadr cave. according to yoru arrival time, you can visit some sites in Hamadan
Day 8


visiting Hamadan then drive to Golpaygan. Overnight Arge-Gugad
Day 9


Drive to Kashan via Chal Nakhjir cave,. in Kashan, you will visit Fin garden, Agha Bozorg mosque, Boroujerdiha house, Tabatabaei house and Sialk mound
Day 10


Drive to Isfahan via the red village of Abyaneh, according to your arrival time you can visit Sio Seh pol and Khajoo Bridges
Day 11


Full day city tour of Isfahan in cluding Imam complex (Ali Qapu palace, Shah mosque, sheikh lotfollah mosque,Bazaar) then Jame mosque and Chehel sotoun
Day 12


Drive to Yazd via Nain to visit Pirnia house and its JAme mosque. In Meybod ypu will visit Pigeon tower and Narin castle
Day 13


Full day city tour of Yazd including Tower of silence, Dowlat Abad garden, Amir Chankhmagh complex (Alexander jail, Power house, Masque and Bazaar) and fire temple
Day 14


Drive to Shiraz via Abarku to visit the second oldest creature in the world, Abarku cypress and Pasargade the tomb of Cyrus the Great
Day 15


Visiting Nasiralmolk mosque then an excursion to Persepolis, Naqshe rostam and NAqshe Rajab
Day 16


Have a full day city tour of Shiraz including Zandiyeh complex (Vakil Bath, Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Mosque, Arg-E-Karimkhan) then Ali-Ebn-E-Hamzeh shrine, Hafez garden, Eram garden
Day 17


Fly to Tehran in the morning to visit the remained sites in this city
Day 18


Drive to the airport for your flight back

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