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Iran Group Tour

The Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins with A First Step

Iran Fam Trip

There Is No End To The Adventures That We Can Have If Only We Seek Them With Our Eyes Open.

B2C (Cooperation)

Alone We Can Do So Little, Together We Can Do So Much


Perhaps this is your first trip to Iran, but you are not the first Tourist to whom we say welcome. We welcome you too to this country which has had a unique influence on the history of the world civilization. Iran is the land of four seasons. The variety on this vast land is so great that it satisfies every taste. Any season you happen to choose to travel to Iran, you can see the full four seasons of a year in..
Iran Discovery Tour 14 Days - Our routes have been carefully chosen to include the best night stops and highlights. However, as local and operational conditions may vary and unforeseen circumstances can arise, the following itinerary should be used as a guideline. The plan is totally flexible and can be customizable based on your travel time, duration, your entrance and departure cities and obviously your interests.

8 Days

Iran Golden Triangle Tour will bring you to three remarkable cities that have the richest Persian heritages in the country both in terms of the historical sites and cultural identity. If you have a shortage in time and this is your first time in Iran we highly offer you this tour. By Iran Golden Triangle tour you will explore the best of Shiraz, Yazd, and Isfahan City.
Iran Masterpieces Tour 4 days. This is a short tour that combines ancient Persia and modern Iran. You will visit two of the oldest cities in Iran as well as two of its bustling and cosmopolitan urban towns. Shiraz and Isfahan have a lot to offer, from the ruins of Persepolis to the Vank cathedral in Isfahan, not to mention. Zayandeh Rood river in Isfahan and beautiful gardens of Shiraz. Both cities also have traditional...
Iran has one of the largest nomadic populations in the world and according to the government’s agency for nomad affairs; there are an estimated 1.25 million nomads in Iran that majority of them lives in Fars province. Natural simplicity of Nomads and their World is unlimited like the Eternal Blue Sky. They live in harmony with their animals and the environment. Camping with nomads ...
Short trip to Iran in 6 Day. Those busy people who like to visit Iran can choose this tour. It is organized so that exploring the main touristic highlights in the least possible days. It will give you a fantastic insight into Iran’s past and present to immerse yourself in Iran’s culture and traditions. Tehran a cosmopolitan and modern city with great museums that have kept the fascinating history of this city hidden behind their walls, parks, and gardens where flowers blossom all through the...

Recommended Iran Hotels

It is a modern Hotel with a modern design and a beautiful view from the Sahand and Sabalan peaks and also from the Elgoli Residence. It has 20 single rooms, 20 suites, 139 twin/double rooms in 17 floors and a Banquet Hall. Distance to the airport is 25 (20min) and to the railroad 25km (30min)
What better way to travel with your children or grandchildren than on an escorted tour? All of your hotel accommodations, transportation, baggage handling, sightseeing, activities and many meals are pre-arranged, so you can simply focus on what’s most important your family.
A peaceful place just across a magnificent park. It features delightful, well-appointed rooms and suites. Room rates include a tasty continental breakfast buffet and access to a small kitchen for light snacks. Three free parking spaces available. Total units: 21 , Number of rooms.
Located Near The Shopping centers. 23 double rooms, 22 luxury double rooms, 2 single rooms, 4 luxury suit(3 bed), 2 double room royal suite, 2 double room presidental suite.
5-star Shaygan Hotel was opened on the year 2002 in a field of 15,000 m2, in the best spot on the Kish shoreline. This hotel has 140 special rooms, suites and apartments in 6 floors and each has various coloring with all accommodation and welfare facilities. Easy access to the shopping centers and bazaars such as Paradise I and II, Kish Trade Center, Paniz, Hypermarket, next to the Persian Gulf, waterfront, entertainment and tourism places, offices and banks has made this hotel the first choice of Kish travelers. The educated and experienced staff of Shaygan Hotel tries to provide a pleasant and happy stay with comfort for our dear guests.
Shayan Hotel is capable to offer its best services to welcome guests in its exotic beauty.One major unique specification of Shayan Hotel is its wonderful sea view and easily access to Kish Recreational Pier with its facilities offered to its visitors. Shayan Hotel has different kinds rooms, Cabanas, Regular & Royal Suites, luxurious Duplex Apartment, 2-bed rooms with sea view, 2-bed rooms with island view, Duplex Rooms with sea view, Duplex Rooms with island view.Shayan International Hotel has 3 restaurants serving various kinds of delicious Iranian and International dishes. The restaurants are as follow: Shamblier, Mushroom, and Nasim (serving both Iranian and International dishes). It is also well qualified enough to hold guests celebrations in all of their ceremonies in a relaxing musical atmosphere.

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The currency in Iran is Rial and all of the bills are according to it. All money should exchange with Rial, but you will hear all about Toman so don’t get confused. for example, 10000 Rials equals 1000 Tomans or 1000 Rials equals 100 Tomans.
What currency should you bring to Iran?
All Euro, dollar (USD, AUD, and CAD) and Pound are ok here. You can easily change them at the exchange offices. Don’t forget that credit cards don’t work in Iran and all expenses here should be paid in cash.


There are dress codes in Iran that you need to follow but don’t worry, the rules of the wear in Iran aren’t so district for tourists and foreigners. Women can wear a tunic, jeans, loose pants, long ankle skirt and scarf (Hijab in Iran is compulsory) and Men can wear everything except short pants that end above or at the knee.


Iranian foods are different, healthy, colorful and rich. The wide variety of Iran climate is the main reason for this food diversity.
Any kind of meat is available here but pork and snake meats are forbidden. If you are a vegetarian you don’t need to be worried. You can find all sorts of vegetables in Iran, but as long as being vegetarian is not common here when you want to order the food it’s better to take the advice from your tour guide or the restaurant’s waiters.


WATER AND BEVERAGES IN IRANYou can easily find mineral water and all kinds of non-alcoholic drinks here in Iran. The city water is cool too, but it’s better to use bottled water. Don’t forget that in Iran any alcoholic drinks are forbidden.


Iran is a safe country and it has a great level in medical range but anyway, caution is necessary for any country while you are traveling.

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My wife and I had a fantastic fortnight in Iran. Your organization of the tour was superb and totally blemish-free. our Guide was a wonderful, warm, interesting character whose company and insights we really enjoyed..

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The guide that you provided for me – Ali – was excellent. So overall I am very pleased and will recommend to any of my friends/family in Australia that they should contact you if they want to travel to Iran.

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I traveled alone and felt very safe at all time. I learned a lot about the Iranian culture, Islamic religion, and history of the country. I was really impressed by the remarkable hospitality of the Iranian people.

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Hi Mitra, We had an amazing trip to Iran! Thanks a lot for your support and finding the best guide for us. we had a lot of fun and already want to come back to Iran!

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