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Yazd City Guide


YazdCity Guide & Attractions The city of Yazd’s first mention in historic records predate it back to around 3000 years B.C – Yazd Guide

Yazd at a Glance

Yazd tourist’s attractions and highlights

Amir Chakhmaq Complex
Tower of Silence
Chak Chak
Jame Mosque
Dolat Abad Garden
Old city of Yazd (Bafte Ghadim)
Zoroastrian fire temple (Atashkadeh)
Mirror and light museum
Narin (or Pars) citadel of Meybod
Pigeon tower (Meybod)


Safaiyeh Hotel (*****)
Moshir Al Mamalek Garden Hotel (****)
Dad Hotel (****)
Fazeli Hotel (***)
Khaan dohad Hotel (***)
Laleh Hotel (***)
Firoozeh Hotel (***)
Royaye Qadim Hotel (***)
Parsian Azadi Hotel (***)

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