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Iran Golden Triangle Tour will bring you to three remarkable cities that have the richest Persian heritages in the country both in terms of the historical sites and cultural identity. If you have a shortage of time and this is your first time in Iran we highly offer you this tour. By Iran Golden Triangle tour you will explore the best of Shiraz, Yazd, and Isfahan City.

The tour starts from Shiraz, a city which settled not only splendid ancient Persepolis and Pasargadae (listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites), but also Naqhsh e Rustam, Naqsh e Rajab and The Tomb of the great poets Hafiz & Saadi in itself and its vicinity. Shiraz is the cultural capital of Persia and it has been called the city of gardens, because if its numerous beautiful historical, natural & hand built gardens like Eram Garden which gives a great green view to the city.

You will continue the tour by moving toward the Capital of Zoroastrianism, the city of traditional ventilators which is called” Badgir”. The largest world heritage site with 890 hectares of area is located in the heart of Yazd recorded as Historic City of Yazd in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Walking through the alleys of Yazd’s antique part as one of the famous Iranian desert city will provide you a memorable experience.

Isfahan is the final destination in this tour. One of Iran’s highlight cities which also has a world heritage site naming Meidan Emam Esfahan listed in UNESCO World Heritage List. The site has been also called as Naghsh e Jahan sq. and we can admit it, it is the home of a wide range of Islamic Architectural styles ranging from the 11th century to the 19th with splendid and very impressive mosques locating in the place. Walking along “Zayanderud”

river, passing the bridges over the river, hearing some young musician playing and singing on the bridges will be an unforgettable exploration.

  • Our routes have been carefully chosen to include the best night stops and highlights. However, as local and operational conditions may vary and unforeseen circumstances can arise, the following itinerary should be used as a guideline.

Day 1

Arrival in Shiraz

After arriving in Shiraz you will be hosted by our driver who transfers you to your hotel in Shiraz which provides you breakfast just after your check-in depending on your arrival time. Overnight Shiraz.
Day 2


Start a beautiful morning in Shiraz to visit The Pink Mosque (Nasir-Al-Molk mosque) which is the most colorful mosque in the world by the opinion of visitors. Your second destination will be the Qavam house which is also called Naranjestan (Citrus Garden). Then you will visit the Zinatolmolk House that also is a garden beside its gorgeous architecture. After that you’ll go to Shah Cheragh the third important holy Shrine of Shia Muslims, in Iran. Your next stop will be Madrese e khan, it’s the school where the great philosopher and theologian the Mulla Sadra taught many known people in there. You will continue on your way to the Vakil complex (Bazar, Bath, Citadel) and Saray e Moshir which is located at Vakil Bazar as your final destinations to discover at the first day. You can find Shiraz handcrafts such as Khatam, Termeh, Gilim & Jewelry at The Vakil Bazar and Saray e Moshir. The Vakil’s bath has wax figures and live sounds that are made to be like Zandieh era people from 300 years ago. And of course you will enjoy your accommodation at the end of the day at your hotel room.
Day 3


You will continue to discover shiraz on a full day city tour. You will start your tour from the outside of the city to visit Persepolis the ceremonial capital of Achaemenid Empire, The Naqsh e Rostam which has four tombs on building from Achaemenid dynasty, and Quran gate the northern gate of Shiraz. When you come back into the city you will first go to the stunning Eram garden, a garden with gorgeous building & waterfronts. In the next step, you will find yourself at Saadi tomb, a poet which has his poet on the entree of the United Nations Org. Riding for a short city trip will bring you to a breathtaking mirror work in Ali Ebn e Hamzeh shrine. Then you can feel the silence and calmness in Jahan Nama Garden which is remained from 8th AH. The last destination of your third day of Iran Golden Triangle tour is Hafiz tomb, the famous poet who has a very special love story. Khwāja Shams-o Din Muḥammad Ḥāfeẓ e Shīrāzī once memorized the hole Quran to be accepted from his religious family! In the afternoon you will be free at leisure to explore the surroundings. There is a delicious Persian cold dessert (Faloodeh or Paloodeh) made from corn starch, sugar, and rose water. It is originally from Shiraz; so don’t miss the taste of it even if you travel during the winter season. Overnight Shiraz
Day 4

Shiraz – Yazd

After starting your road trip to the Yazd City from Shiraz, you’ll visit Pasargadae, the tomb of the Cyrus the Great and Abarkuh to visit its Sarv. You’ll have a short stop in Abarkuh to see the Cypress of Abarkuh (Sarv-e Abarkuh), also called the Zoroastrian Sarv which has the height of 25 meters and circumference of 18 meters! The age of the tree estimated 4000 years. After that you will be hosted in Yazd by your hotel.
Day 5


After serving the breakfast at the hotel in Yazd, you will start the 5th day of your tour by visiting Tower of Silence that was made by Zoroastrians to avoid pollution of the soil which is one of Zoroastrian’s holy elements by the human corpse. The second site you’ll visit in Yazd is Yazd Atash Behram that is a fire temple with its flame has been kept lighting for more than 1500 years! Your tour will continue by visiting Amir Chakhmagh complex which is a mosque on a square with the same name. It also contains a caravanserai, a tekyeh, a bathhouse, a cold water well, and a confectionery. The next stop is Lariha house, which is the best example of Yazd houses architecture and you will end your day at Dowlat Abad Garden’s masterpiece of architecture beside nature. Overnight Yazd.
Day 6

Yazd – Isfahan

By the start of the day you’ll Drive to Isfahan via Meybod (to visit pigeon tower, Narin Qal’eh). Then with a short stop in Naiin you will visit Jame Mosque and Pirnia traditional house. Based on the time we offer you to visit Rigareh Underground Water Mill, where you will face with incredible ancient engineering, and Muhammadieh castle which includes 250 years old Aba Bafi workshop. Overnight Isfahan
Day 7


Full day city tour of Isfahan to visit the palace of forty columns or Chehel sotoun, which was built by Shah Abbas II in 1647 as a reception hall and has 20 columns made of cypress wood but the reflection of these twenty columns in the adjacent pool provides the other twenty; So, known as forty columns. We will continue Isfahan sightseeing by visiting Naqshe-Jahan Square (Image of the World Square) it is the second largest square of the world and one of the world heritage (recorded by UNESCO) sites of Iran. The square is 160 meters wide by 508 meters long and was initially intended as the site of state ceremonies and sporting events, but by 1602, the Shah had added a commercial element with the construction of two-story shops along the perimeter. Jame Mosques is on the South end, the Lutfallah Mosque on the East, the Ali Qapu Palace on the West, and a grand bazaar on the North end. We finish a busy day of sightseeing by walking along the Zayanderood River and Isfahan famous ancient bridges (si-o-se pol & Khadju). Overnight Isfahan
Day 8


In the last day of travel, you will explore the rest of highlights of this celebrated historical city and visit the magnificent Jame Atiq Mosque, another world heritage sites of Iran. Jame Atiq Mosque is recorded by UNESCO and one of the oldest mosques of Iran.After visiting the historical Ali Gholi Agha bath you will go to the Hasht-Behesht Palace and the Vank Cathedral that is located at an elegant neighborhood called Jolfa. By the end of your travel to Iran you will be transferred to the Airport for your departure flight. We hope that you have a great memories and unforgettable experiences during your visit from Iran and its golden triangle.

Included Highlights
Chehel Sotun
Tower of Silence
Fire Temple
Naghsh-e-Jahan Square
Atiq Mosque
Kashan Rigareh Water Mill
Shiraz Zandieh Complex
Optional Activities
Spend Time with Nomads
Traditional hotels

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