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Fairly pleasant location, and the rooms are spacious and modern. Suite rooms with a kitchen can also be booked, rates include breakfast. Staff is friendly and a restaurant is available. It is located near the carpet museum and the museum of Contemporary Arts.


Omid Hotel Facilities{tablink=Prices & Book}Book Omid Hotel Now{/tablink}

  • 24 hours room service
  • Restaurant
  • Coffee-shop
  • Coffee-net
  • Taxi service
  • Lobby

Room Facilities

  • Satellite system
  • Bath
  • Refrigerator


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Omid Hotel

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A nice hotel located just off Dom Juri Ave. This was a real hassle to find as many people, with their limited understanding of English, assumed we meant the Naderi hotel, located just up the road from the New Naderi. Confusing, but after driving up and down this busy strip we spotted it down a tiny alley just past a railway bridge.


The reception staff spoke good English and had no problems with our touristy questions, even making some phone calls on our behalf. We were also allowed to leave our car in the car park (i can’t remember if it was free).





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