Maral Hotel is located at the heart of the green nature of north in forest part of alborz mountain at an area about 3800 M2 .This beautiful complex with 6 suites and 24 rooms welcomes the respectful guests. presenting luxury reception & comfort possibilities & services.Maral Hotel also has other comfort possibilities as central video, laundry, barber shop, special parking and taxi, toiletries stores, dress shop, which tries to offer nore comfort to & reception saloon with the capacity of 1000 persons is located at the ground floor.this double potential saloon with a nice stage possessing perfect audio & video possibilties persents a wonderful auditorium.this attractive saloon is suitable for wedding ceremonies & celebrations with separate stage for the bride & groom,flash lamps & dancing.with perfect audio system alongside with complete reception & expert stewards & cooks with great menus & live music welcome your guest for the wedding ceremoid.