Which Iran visa category is appropriate for you?

Iran Tourist visa:

If you plan to travel to Iran as a tourist or visitor then Iran Tourist visa is the category for you.

Iran Business visa:

Iran Business visa is appropriate for a citizen of a foreign country who would like to enter Iran for a short stay to do business, such as attending business conference and meeting, negotiating contracts, visiting factories.

Iran Work visa:

Those who wish to work in Iran must apply for Iran work visa.

Iran Transit visa:

A citizen of a foreign country, who will have a brief layover in Iran, en route to another country, can apply for both Iran transit visa or tourist visa.

Iran Pilgrimage visa:

Iran Pilgrimage visa is issued only for the foreign Muslims who intend to visit Islamic sacred places in Iran, such as Qom, Mashhad, and Shiraz.

Iran Journalist and Media visa:

Foreign Journalist and media representative (press, radio, film, Print) who travel to Iran to engage in their profession, must obtain Journalist and media visa.

Iran Student visa:

Those who wish to study in the Islamic Republic of Iran, must apply for student visa.

In Which visa category we can help you?

Iran Tourist Visa is the visa category in which we can help you to obtain, as a travel agency.
So in the first place, if you are looking for this type of Visa, please review the useful information provided below:
Iran tourist visa is a permission of entry for a limited period of time issued by Iranian Embassies or Consulates General. This type of Visa is issued for foreign nationals who wish to come to Iran to travel or visit friends.

Every foreign visitor has required a visa to enter Iran except few countries.
In order to apply for your Iran tourist visa, you can easily contact an appropriate travel agency in Iran.

How does it work through our Agency?There are several easy steps.

In other word, you need to send us the visa requirements, to begin the process.

  • First of all, Fill in our on line visa application form below.
  • Then attach the scan of your current Passport with at least 6 months validity beyond your travel date.
  • Third step, attach your personnel photograph in JPG format. The photo should be in color and clear. It also must be taken within the last 6 months, with white back ground and in full front view of head. what is the best photo size; equals to or less than 500 Kb in 400 x 600 pixels (minimum)
  • Above all, If you are British, American and Canadian citizens, send us your CV (Curriculum Vitae) or Resume including your previous and current work and education history.
  • And finally, pay us the agency service fee which is 45 US$ per applicant. This fee is obviously is different from the service fee you need to pay at the embassy.

How these steps work?

As soon as we receive your visa requirements including, Iran visa application form, the scan of your passport main page and your Personal picture; the visa department of our travel agency starts your visa process.
We submit a complete application on the Ministry website (except for British, Canadian and American passport holders) in the first place.
The typical administrative processing time to get the authorization code from the Ministry of Foreign affairs is normally 3 to 7 working day.
Once we receive the authorization code, called tracking code as well from MFA, we will send it to you. Then you can refer to your preferred embassy (the one you selected in your Iran visa application form) within 25 days and collect your Iran visa.
As each embassy has its own pick up policy, so it is obviously necessary to contact the embassy beforehand.
At last, you have almost three months to enter Iran,after visa collection.
The maximum validity of Iran visa is 30 days, but it can be extended in Iran. You need to refer the police office of foreign aliens in cities such as Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Yazd, and Kerman.
Our service fee for an authorization code is 45 US$ per applicant but note that beside this amount, you need to pay another fee at the embassy as a visa fee. You will be charged differently based on your nationality for your visa cost at embassies.

How to get Iran Visa On Arrival?

Iran visa on arrival is appropriate for the people who are out of time and from one of the eligible countries for Iran visa at the airport. Except from those countries listed below, you can choose this type of visa which is called Iran visa on arrival or Iran visa upon arrival.
The process is very simple.
You just fly to one of the Iranian international airports and ask for Iran visa on arrival directly. Normally you need to show your hotel booking as one of the visa requirements.
Passengers can also get the authorization code in advance through an Iranian travel agency. Then collect the visa at the airport instead of the embassy. In that case, you don’t need any hotel booking voucher.
As a recommendation, due to the visa rejection possibility (count on 5%), it is certainly safer to have the visa trekking code in hand before your arrival even for this type of Iran visa.
And finally, the visa on arrival validity is 30 days, but it can be extended at the Police office of foreign aliens in big cities for 15 more days.
At the airports below you can ask for Iran visa on arrival:
• Imam Khomeini airport
• Mehrabad Airport
• Mashhad International Airport
• Shiraz International Airport
• Isfahan International Airport
• Tabriz International Airport
• Qeshm International Airport
• Kish International Airport

Non-eligible countries for Iran visa on arrival:
These nationalities below must have Iran visa in hand before traveling to Iran.
American, British, Canadian, Indian, Colombian, Iraqi, Pakistani, Afghan, Bangladeshi, Jordanian, Somali citizens.

Iran Visa on arrival in Land or sea borders:
As there is no visa issuance possibility at any Iranian land or sea borders, you must get your visa in advance at one of the Iranian embassies, if you want to enter Iran from these borders.

Iran Tourist Visa for American, British, and Canadian Citizens

According to the regulation, American, Canadian and British citizens are not able to travel to Iran independently. As a result, they must be here on tour and be accompanied by a certificated Iranian guide. Furthermore, they need to book all of their Iran trip services through one agency.

So the first step is obviously the visa.

Let’s see what the visa requirements are for these nationalities.

  • The visa application form which can be filled out below
  • your resume (CV)
  • and the scan of your passport main page in JPG format (valid for 6 months beyond stay)
  • and finally your personal picture (Please check the photo size, in topic of in which visa category we can help you.)

once we receive your visa documents, we are here to help you to fix your itinerary, hotels and guide.

In the next step, the visa department of our travel agency starts your visa process and sends the visa requirements to MFA (The Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

The typical administrative processing time is 30 to 45 working days after receiving a complete application but it can vary depending on the nationality and season. (how many application MFA receive in high season or low season)

We will send the authorization code to you, as soon as we get it from MFA, . Then you can refer to your preferred embassy,(the one you have selected before), within 25 days and collect the visa.

After visa collection, you have almost three months to enter Iran.

Please be informed that each embassy has its own regulation about collection processing time and policy so it is necessary to contact the embassy beforehand.

The maximum validity of the visa is 30 days but it can be extended in Iran at the police office of foreign aliens.

Our service fee for visa is free on your tour but note that you need to pay another fee at the embassy as a visa fee based on your nationality which is different from our service fee.

Iran Visa Application Form

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