Iran Tours with We Go Iran

Iran is a vast country (18th in size among all the countries in the world) covered by two enormous salt deserts comprising 25% of the country, surrounded by two main mountain chains, Alborz, and Zagros, and located in the south of the Caspian sea and in the north of The Persian Gulf. The climate varies considerably from the north to the south. Here Muslims are in the majority but there are Jews, Christians, Zoroastrians as well. in this ancient rich country with different types of trip potential providing most kinds of tours are easy. are you interested in nomad life: Iran has a combination of Lor, Kurd, Turk, Arab tribes, and sub -tribes. you love history, culture and traditions: we have more than 5000 years of history and culture. are you fond of skiing: come here in winter and you can do skiing in Dizin ski resort, Pooladkaf, Shemshak... you like diving: go to Kish and Qeshm islands you are adventurous: you choose a good place you love food, sweets; you wouldn't regret booking our culinary tours. you are a mountain climber: we have some options for you love seas or deserts we have two seas options in the north and south and lots of deserts you are a birdwatcher or fond of hiking, trekking and camping just let us know