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Hotels in Iran booking. Just give us an idea about your budget and interests. we will suggest the best possible options. Iran has a reasonable variety of accommodation types. hotels here are classified based on their size and facilities. Quality of the hotels is a critical element of the visitor experience for both leisure and business.

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Setaregan Hotel (4*) is one of the best accommodation’s choice for you, If you are looking for a hotel in the center of Shiraz. The hotel offers different types of rooms including double room, twin room and suite. While it has a modern architecture, you can choose to stay in a room with traditional decoration too. Although the hotel has the great different types of on-site restaurant such as: Traditional and Italian one, there are many Restaurants and fast foods around the hotel that you can easily walk to them. The location is the best advantage of Setaregan hotel because it’s near to many city sites like Eram Garden, Baba Koohi mountain, shopping stores and Azadi Park. Eram garden (one of the nine Persian gardens registered by UNESCO as a world heritage site) is less than 10 minutes’ walk from the hotel. Setaregan hotel provides rooms with air-conditioning, Refrigerator, TV with Satellite channels, coffee and tea service and minibar. Free WIFI access is also available at the hotel. Shiraz international airport is a 30-minute drive from the hotel.
Park Saadi hotel is a 4-star accommodation in Shiraz with a great location. It’s close to some famous city sites such as: Hafez Tomb, Jahan nama Garden, Quran Qate and Haftkhan Restaurant. The hotel was built in 1962 and restored with modern architecture while ago. There are 53 rooms with a variety of 11 single bedrooms, 32 double bedrooms, 1 two-bedroom suite, 2 one bedroom suites, 2 conventional suits ad 4 interconnected rooms. The hotel restaurant naming Boostan with professional and friendly staff is ready to serve you with Iranian and International menu all day long. Also guests can enjoy the live music while they’re having their meal during the summer time. There is a Ballroom in hotel called Golestan with 350 people capacity and video & sound systems for large celebrations and conferences.
If you want to experience a historical house with expert services, Niayesh Boutique Hotel will be one of the choices you have in Shiraz. The place has almost 100 years of history through its life. The first literature association of shiraz held there also the house that Niayesh Hotel is located was the first publishing house in Shiraz City. Since the house is located in the historical region of Shiraz, there is a limited access to the hotel with automobiles so you can deeply feel silence & calmness in the way that our grandfathers did. The superb location of the hotel makes it easy for everyone to go to shiraz’s historical sites such as Shah Cheragh shrine & Vakil Complex. Niayesh Hotel offers 23 rooms listing from single rooms up to 5 bedded rooms. There is a 6 bed dorm available at the hotel. All above rooms are equipped with bathroom & shower, refrigerator, TV, satellite TV & safe box.
Marlik Hotel is a four-star hotel in the center of Tehran with 84 rooms (single, twin, double, triple bed rooms and suites). We recommend this hotel mostly for business trip due to its location which is close to BRT and metro station. Guests can also enjoy the restaurant’s Iranian and international menus, coffee shop and lobby of the hotel with a friendly atmosphere. There is a conference hall available at the hotel which can be used for the meetings and ceremonies with 300 people capacity. We can also name a sport complex comprising Jacuzzi, Pool, Sauna, traditional bath and Massage room as Marlik hotel facilities.
Iranshahr Hotel one of Tehran’s oldest hotels launched 1953 & restored in 1981, is one of bests in midd-class accommodation in the city. The location of the hotel gives you good accessibility to cultural sites in Tehran such as Golestan Palace & National Museum. Also there is a 10 km distance from Mehr Abad airport 7 km to train station and 1.5 km to southern bus terminal which is remarkable. The hotel has embed a restaurant and a coffee shop in itself. As the hotel team mentioned the only use organic ingredients which are locally grown & the restaurant serves Persian and Foreign foods. Detailing the accommodation we can list 48 of single rooms, double rooms, suites & apartments which are equipped with Tv, central video with various footages aired and 4 satellite news channels, Audio system, refrigerator, digital telephone, safe box and air-conditioning systems.
Ferdowsi International Four-star Grand Hotel with its 22,000 square meters of area is just located near the Golestan Palace, the Grand Bazaar, Iran National Museum, Tehran Gate & Jewelry museum. Also, there is a metro station & bus stop close to the museum. The interior architecture of the hotel has its own special accent of ancient Persia. All rooms are furnished with Persian rugs or carpets with unique old-school design. Accommodation in this hotel is differed in 7 types: Single, Double, Twin, Suites, Royal Suites, Single VIP & Double VIP.
Locating in the center of the Tehran City Eskan Forsat tree star hotel offers 42 double rooms & suites for you with high-quality services in it’s class. There is a metro station about 10 minutes of walking far from the hotel also low-cost taxi & bus transportation are available around.
Bekhradi Historical House is the rarest in its kind of accommodation according to its age (from 17 th century till now) & repairs. The house kept the Iranian style in every single angle. Even the names of the rooms are same as their what they’ve been Called past in Iran. Accommodating in this house will be a choice from one of the below options: Room Types: Hojreh (also called as summer suite), which is located at the basement of the complex and can accommodate up to four guests. Gooshvareh rooms are located at ground floor and each can accommodate from one to four person. Tagh rooms are the most beautiful rooms of the place and are located at the second floor. We can accommodate from one to five person in a Tagh room, also one of rooms has a balcony with the view of the yard. Ravagh rooms are located at the first floor too. One of the Ravagh rooms has a balcony with the view of the yard & you can enjoy the calmness of warm color lights which is made by the glass work in the full-sized window of the room.
Since it is the oldest hotel, Abbasi Hotel in Isfahan is the most special accommodation you can have in Iran. The building of the hotel refers to a caravanserai in Safavid era which means it has been servicing from 1700 till now. There is also a museum in the middle of the complex naming "Nesf-e-Jahan" (meaning half of the world). And at last the place of the hotel Chahar Bagh blvd is such beautiful that will remain on your memory for years. Stepping into the hotel will be an hour of staring at the walls and ceiling stunning frescos. After, there is a set of 255 rooms including 7 types which is listed beyond to choose for accommodation. Standard room is facilitated with shower and dressing room, highspeed WiFi, LCD Television, hair dryer, safety box, coffee and tea maker, minibar, fire detector system. The view of this room headed toward Isfahan City. “Cheshm Andaz” room gives you the scenery of the hotel’s garden which is a relief to end your beautiful days in Isfahan. Facilities in this room type are same as Standard room but you cannot add extra bed in the room. Pardis room is a type with same facilities and view of Cheshm Andaz room with ability of adding extra bed in the room. Paradis suite is a luxury suite with modern design, fantastic view to the hotel garden and a full-range of accommodating facilities. Quajar suite offers the majesty of the Quajars Era with the decoration and architecture of that period. This suite is a double suite & fully facilitated. Safavid suite is the place which Abbasi hotel reveals its mystery. Masterpieces of Safavid architecture are came into a set in just one room. The feeling in this room is unbelievably special. Although this room is the most expensive in Isfahan City, but this is one of never forgotten memories for anybody who experience it
Venus Hotel is a 3 star hotel situated close to Hasht Behehesht Palace in Isfahan which is built at 2010 n 8 floors. The hotel has 58 rooms in five types listing: double rooms, triple rooms, quadruple rooms five bedded rooms & VIP rooms. Distance between the hotel and the international airport of the Isfahan City is like 25 minutes and since the hotel located at the city center accessing to public transportation such as bus and low cost taxi is easy. You can also visit many historical sites in Isfahan in walking distances from the hotel such as : Naghsh-e Jahan Square (recorded as a world heritage site by UNESCO), Chahar Bagh school, Chahar Bagh Abbasi Boulevard, the beautiful Zayande Rood, the historical and famous bridge such as Si o Se Pol Bridge & Khajoo Bridge. It is noticeable that all rooms in the Venus Hotel are non-smoking rooms.
Tourist Hotel, a tree star hotel, is located in the center of the historical district of the Isfahan City with walking distances from Naghsh e Jahan Sq. (Only five hundred meters), Si o Se Pol Bridge, Khadju Bridge, Hasht Behesht Palace, Forty column Palace & many more major monuments if the City. The architecture of this hotel has a semi-historical them which has been designed and constructed in 1971. Tourist Hotel provides four types of accommodation : Single room, Double room, Triple room & Double bedded suite & smoking rooms are available as you wish. There is a forty-five minute distance from this hotel to Isfahan International Airport. It is noticeable that all kinds of accommodation in this hotel comes with free breakfast service.
Saray e Ameriha Boutique Hotel is a master piece of art shining in Kashan City, in which the main building of the complex belongs to 200 years ago. The building’s refurbishment finished in 2015 & from that time until now the hotel has been giving great accommodation services to the guests such perfect that the hotel succeed to get a five star grade out of five star from TripAdvisor reviews. The main court yard of the hotel really means the word of majesty with it's stunning arcs pure artworks on every where & a glorious pool in the middle of the court yard in addition to the longest wind catcher of the Kashan City. Saraye Ameriha boutique hotel with 9 rooms and 6 suites (Single, Double & Twin rooms are available) is ready to host guests with pleasure. All rooms are designed and decorated with historical Persian elements and the interior architecture has saved its old Iranian style same as exterior design. Mirror works & colored glass works in the rooms can give the most beautiful waking ups in the middle of the calmness of the neighborhood. Also Saray e Ameriha Hotel consists on a Coffee shop which serves Iranian salubrious beverages, a restaurant that gives the only delicious choice of traditional Iranian foods on lunch and dinner time & at last the most gorgeous ever breakfast salon that offers a pleasant buffet for beginning of a happy day. Furthermore there is an art gallery and Conference hall with capacity of 90 person and modern equipment is at service in the basement for meetings and seminars. The Saray e America Boutique Hotel is highly recommended And it will be an unforgettable life time memory & of course all rooms of this beautiful boutique hotel are non-smoking rooms.
Safir hotel is a four star hotel located in the city center of the Isfahan City with a great accessibility to the historical sites in Isfahan such as . The building of the hotel has constructed in 1992 with 50 rooms which recently has improved to 100 rooms & of course the old building has been renewed. The diversity of room types perfectly meets a four star hotel requirements in which there is several standard double rooms, suites, superior rooms and apartments to choose at the Safir hotel also its considerable that all rooms in Safir Hotel are non-smoking rooms. In terms of facilities and architecture we can classify this hotel as a modern hotel according to the great lobby area, coffee shop, restaurant & rooms decoration in addition to a traditional persian bath which guests can enjoy during their stay.