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As one of the prominent hotel of city (in Arg-E Jadid Special Economic Zone) which provides all necessary services and facilities for its guests.
A beautiful hotel with spectacular views of mount Damavand and Alborz , 380 rooms and suites and the best equipment that is located in the center of the city and very close to business districts.
It is located in a good location accessible to city sightseeing. 6 double rooms, 15 triple rooms, 6 rooms with 4 beds, 4 suits with 3 beds
What better way to travel with your children or grandchildren than on an escorted tour? All of your hotel accommodations, transportation, baggage handling, sightseeing, activities and many meals are pre-arranged, so you can simply focus on what’s most important your family.15min from the airport. It is located in a good location accessible to city sightseeing. Near the SHAIKH SAFI-OD-DIN ARDABILY, bazaar and sharable lake.
It is located off the town in a beautiful surrounding area. it is quite next to the ESTIL lake . 10 single rooms , 44 double rooms , 36 suits 60 km from the Ardebil airport.
This complex with 30 double rooms and 8 suites is located in the northwest of Gilan province between Talesh Mounts and beautiful Caspian sea .it is 70 Km from the airport.
At this inviting midrange hotel, each floor has a different, gently appealing style of décor with modernist lamps on the 3rd floor and a more opulent period look on the 4th. Check out the 2nd floor to see what they consider ‘British style’. The lobby has a couple of gratuitous Persepolis-aping columns. Some English is spoken.
International Baba Taher Hotel is located in north of Hamadan, next to the shrine of Baba Taher Oryan, the famous poet, and with a nice view of Baba Taher Park and Alvand Mountain. It has two old and new part with 81 rooms and 10 suites. The distance from the airport is 7 min.
Hamedan buali 4-star hotel is one of the best hotels of the parsian international hotel chains and with its ancient histoy located in the beautiful and historic hamdan city center .the central department of the hotel is surounded by two beautiful gardens that has given the hotel rooms an inspiring view
This three Star Hotel has 53 room( 7 suites, 45 double) and near Ganj ali khan bath, bazaar
A budget hotel with 40 nice rooms in the center of kerman and near to some historical and cultural attractions.15 min from the airport and train station. Rooms are well furnished and decorated with a standard amenities.
This hotel was built about 11 year ago in 8 floors, 164 double room, 32 suites and one apartment and a beautiful garden. It is 8 km away from the airpo
Gavashir was the previous name of Kerman at the Sasanian time. It takes 10-15 minutes to the historic and tourism attraction.
The Hotel is located in city center & near to historical centers & has peregrination tours for the historical centers such as the castle of Hassan Sabbah & Evin lake. The magnificent Restaurant, with the delicious Iranian & foreign foods, presents desirable place & unforgettable remembrance to you.
Eram Grand hotels location is in a pleasant and lovely area of Tehran, it has a nice view of green hills of Davoodieh. Among the beautiful green trees it is a peaceful and calm place to rest. It is not near to historical places such as museums and palaces, also to the parks and green areas. Eram Grand hotel has 50 rooms and 10 suites and is 10 kilometers from the airport and 6 kilometers from the railway station.
Rudaki hotel is one of Tehran three star hotels near Daneshju Park and Valiye Asr shopping center. It has 49 large suites. 30 min. from the airport. 20 min. from the train station.
Parsian Enghelab with the former name of Royal Garden hotel is one of the oldest hotels of Iran .it is very close to Tehran business districts and shopping centers .the a number of suites and rooms are 248. Distance to Imam airport is 60min and to Mehrabad Airport 30 min.
A five-star hotel with services and professional staff. It has 482 rooms with magnificent view of Alborz mountains. Tehran international fair is very close to this hotel and so a good choice for business travelers.
Pamchal hotel is conveniently located exactly in city center less than 10 Kilo meter from the Mehrabad airport. It is surrounded by shops, bazaars, sport club and public transportations.
Tehran Grand hotel is located in the center of Tehran and very close to all historical sights. It has 192 rooms. The distance from Mehrabad International Airport to Tehran Grand Hotel is 45min and to Imam Airprot 1 hour.
It is located in Valiasr st. near Saai park (Yusef Abad). A luxury hotel with 69 rooms of fine 4-star standards grace this Tehran property. it is close to the Iranshahr Theatre and Baghe Honar. Distance to Mehraba airport is about 30 min.
Hotel Safir ex Tehran Sara with 20 years experience in hospitality management has recently been renovated. It is located in the center of Tehran with 19 double rooms, 3 suites, a beautiful lobby, comfort rooms and famous Indian restaurant will provide its guests a memorable stay. Distance from the airport is 35 min and from the train station is 40 min.
This hotel located in north of Tehran with a unique view of Alborz mountains. This hotel has 140 rooms which all of them equipped with best service and facilities .Tehran international fair, Tajrish market and some museums and palaces of Tehran are near this hotel.
Old Royal Tehran Hilton with two towers in 15 floors and 550 luxury rooms and magnificent view of Alborz mountains. In West Tower of Esteghlal hotel all rooms have single or queen-size beds, while in East Tower the King-size beds are available. Esteghlal Hotel has very easy access to some of monuments in north of Tehran such as Niavaran palace, Saad a bad complex, Darband and also Tehran international fair.
Fairly pleasant location, and the rooms are spacious and modern. Suite rooms with a kitchen can also be booked, rates include breakfast. Staff is friendly and a restaurant is available. It is located near the carpet museum and the museum of Contemporary Arts.
It is a three-star hotel with 67 rooms quite close to many embassies like Russian and British embassy with a beautiful view of Tehran northern mountains. It is also close to some attraction such as nationals, ceramic and jewels museum of Tehran.
Mashhad hotel ex semiramis hotel is a three top star one in Tehran downtown .it has 90 renovated rooms and suites with all modern facilities .Distance to Imam airport 45 min and to mehrabad airport about 30 min.
A 11 story modern building with 180 rooms and 4 suites in the business district of central Tehran which is equipped with all the facilities which a 4* hotel offers. Its distance to Imam Airport is 1 hour and Railway station is 30 min. Milad tower is one of the attractions near it.
Tehran Homa hotel is on the main street of the city, Vali-e-Asr Street with a short distance to historical and cultural attractions. It takes about 60 minutes to Imam Khomeini airport, 40 minutes to railway station and 30 minutes from Mehrabad airport.
The hotel has 96 rooms on five floors and a semi-traditional architecture; it is located at the center of Tehran city, near the Vali Asr square.
It is located very close to the financial quarter of the City and Laleh park and has 380 rooms with panoramic view of mount Damavand and Alborz.
Safaiyeh five star hotel near city center with two new and old parts, 90 rooms-44 modern and 46 traditional in 7 floors -is equipped with all modern facilities and services. It is close to Zoroastrian fire temple & tower of silence.
Near the city center, historical sites.Near the city center and important, 1 single rooms, 10 double rooms, 10 triple rooms, 3 suites, 2 Km from the airport and train station
Mehr traditional hotel also known as historical house of Zargar_e_Yazdi is located in Yazd old town .It has 23 rooms with 60 beds and a central courtyard that has been transformed to a traditional restaurant. This traditional hotel with its 200 years old building is the first and the only Iranian hotel that has awarded UNESCO honorary prize. Its huge wind catchers, wooden doors, hall, Traditional rooms ,Hashti , Qanats , refrigerators and Narenjestan invite the guests to wander in the past and provide memorable moments for them .
Caravan hotel is a three star hotel that has 33 big rooms with private terrace with a panoramic garden view. Its distance from city center is about 10 min and to airport 5 min.
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