Niayesh Hotel

If you want to experience a historical house with expert services, Niayesh Boutique Hotel will be one of the choices you have in Shiraz. The place has almost 100 years of history through its life. The first literature association of shiraz held there also the house that Niayesh Hotel is located was the first publishing house in Shiraz City.
Since the house is located in the historical region of Shiraz, there is a limited access to the hotel with automobiles so you can deeply feel silence & calmness in the way that our grandfathers did. The superb location of the hotel makes it easy for everyone to go to shiraz’s historical sites such as Shah Cheragh shrine & Vakil Complex.
Niayesh Hotel offers 23 rooms listing from single rooms up to 5 bedded rooms. There is a 6 bed dorm available at the hotel. All above rooms are equipped with bathroom & shower, refrigerator, TV, satellite TV & safe box.

Niayesh Hotel Shiraz, distance from places

  • Hotel   Airport 14.4 Km
  • Hotel   Railway station 21.3 Km
  • Hotel   KarandishTerminal 2.6 Km
  • Hotel   Tomb of Cyrus 130.7 Km
  • Hotel   Persepolis 58.1 Km
  • Hotel   Naqsh-e Rustam 64.9 Km
  • Hotel   Nasir-Ol-Molk Mosque 2.5 Km
  • Hotel   Arg of Karim Khan 934 m
  • Hotel   Vakil Bazaar 1.5 Km
  • Hotel   Qavam House 2.8 Km
  • Hotel   Jahan Nama Garden 2 Km
  • Hotel   Eram Garden 2.6 Km
  • Hotel   Haft Khan Restaurant 2.1 Km
  • Hotel   Shahecheragh Holy Shrine 2.3 Km
  • Hotel   Tomb of Saadi 5.6 Km
  • Hotel   Vakil Mosque 1.6 Km
  • Hotel   Tomb of Hafez 2.1 Km
  • Hotel   Qur’an Gate 2.7 Km
  • Hotel   Persian Gulf Complex 7.2 Km

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