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Caravan hotel is a three star hotel that has 33 big rooms with private terrace with a panoramic garden view. Its distance from city center is about 10 min and to airport 5 min.
Laleh hotel (ancient complex of Golshan) belongs to Ghajar (Qajar) period. The building of the hotel has been used as a residential place from 1978 & has been renovated in 2001 into the present form (Traditional Hotel). Laleh complex is located in the middle of the ancient part of the Yazd City which is recorded as a world heritage site by UNESCO next to the Golshan historical water reservoir. There are 38 rooms including Bob the boards, two boards, three board rooms and suites are each individually designed. All the rooms are furnished with best materials available & carpeted with Persian carpets to assure the guests comfortability. A conference Hall & a Traditional Restaurant which is beautifully designed with eyecatching color glass works in the windows and furnished with old school classic furniture. (smoking rooms are available)
Near the city center, historical sites.Near the city center and important, 1 single rooms, 10 double rooms, 10 triple rooms, 3 suites, 2 Km from the airport and train station
Mehr traditional hotel also known as historical house of Zargar_e_Yazdi is located in Yazd old town .It has 23 rooms with 60 beds and a central courtyard that has been transformed to a traditional restaurant. This traditional hotel with its 200 years old building is the first and the only Iranian hotel that has awarded UNESCO honorary prize. Its huge wind catchers, wooden doors, hall, Traditional rooms ,Hashti , Qanats , refrigerators and Narenjestan invite the guests to wander in the past and provide memorable moments for them .
Locating at the northern side of the Ancient Yazd City, The Moshir Al-Mamalek Garden Hotel stands in a historical garden which refers to the Qajar era. The design & the architecture of the place are fully inspired from traditional style & made it the first traditional hotel which resists in a historical garden in the country. The hotel has 13000 square meter area which can be used by guest and gives a perfect calm atmosphere to the complex. There are three restaurants at the hotel, The Naghashi Restaurant which means the restaurant of paintings has the capacity of the 250 person and it is ready to serve guests with the most delicious Iranian, European cuisines and sea foods all they long, Garden Restaurant with its unique view of the waterworks and green trees which recall old days in the ancient Iran & the Yazd Restaurant with capacity of 150 people which serves local cuisines beside various hot & cold drinks. There is also a coffee shop with traditional architecture in the complex. Moshir al-Mamalek Garden Hotel offers rooms in 8 types: Standard room, Double room, Triple room, Four Bedded room, Special Four bedded room, Suite, Connected rooms & Twin rooms. All rooms are facilitated with beyond facilities and are non-smoking rooms.
Dad Hotel is a great 4-star hotel located in the Heart of Iran’s desert, which perfectly presents the culture and architecture of the first Brick city in the World. It has 88 rooms with a high quality service and Persian decoration including Single room, Twin room, Double room, Triple Room, Family and Royal suites. Guests can relax in the hotel Spa center by getting an expert massage and spa service. Coffee shop and restaurants are another advantage of this hotel. You have Several options to choose your restaurant, depending on the weather condition. Delicious breakfast is served in indoor or outdoor coffee shop. In the ground restaurant, local traditional and international meals are served and in the rooftop restaurant you will have an amazing view of the second historical city of all around the globe, Yazd. It is remarkable that Dad hotel is the only 4 star hotel in Yazd, which won the 2009 Studiosus Award of Germany for its customer-oriented . The Distances between the hotel and important historical sites such as Dolat Abad Garden, Jame Mosque, Tower of Silence, Shish badgir (windcatcher) water reservoir ,Zoroastrian Fire Temple, Amir Chakhmaq Complex & Seyed Rokn Al Din Shrine, are accessible by 10 to 20 minutes of walking or driving.
Safaiyeh five star hotel near city center with two new and old parts, 90 rooms-44 modern and 46 traditional in 7 floors -is equipped with all modern facilities and services. It is close to Zoroastrian fire temple & tower of silence.