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Philip from Australia

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Dear Mitra I did not understand that your office is in Shiraz – If I had I could have come to see you! The guide that you provided for me – Aly – was excellent. \he had a lot of information, and when we went to places he was not so sure about he made sure to find a local guide to help. He also added in some extras – for example a gymnastic display in Dezful and a music studio in Ahvaz. He could always answer my questions satisfactorily. The two hotels were good value for money. The one in Ahvaz for the second visit had a room with some problems – eg the toilet did not flush properly – but this was a minor problem. The one in Dezful did not have a jug to make a cup of tea – but again this is a small thing. All the places were worth seeing and I got to see everything \i wanted plus quite a lot more. The Ziggurat and the mills at Shostar were my favourite places. We missed out on the fire mountain because the road was closed but that could not be helped.
So overall I am very pleased and will recommend to any of my friends / family in Australia that they should contact you if they want to travel to Iran.

Jan from Australia

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Hi Mitra, Well I had a wonderful time in Iran you were right and I will be back again. There are lots of things I would like to see again. Just loved Isfahan and was so happy that I saw the Blue Mosque there, just amazing. Next time I would need a couple of days to get over the trip and would have to come late October early November. It’s still too hot for me early October. The hotels that you selected were good and they were clean which is the main thing. It would have been nice to have an electric jug in the room though so as to make tea or coffee. I took Miso soup with me and had to ask them to bring hot water each night to the room. Reza was a wonderful choice. He was kind, patient, informative and funny. He was just perfect for me. I loved his car and if/when I come again I would like him to be my guide if he is available. His car is car comfortable and spacious and good for the long distances. It was so nice meeting the person who has written to me for almost two years. You really hung in there and I admire that. Talk more late take care – Cheers Jan


Robert from Austria

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Dear Mitra, your guide was great, the hotels have been o.k., we did everything and enjoyed it. You will see me again for next Ashura ritual with a group.

Marcus and Barbara from Germany

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

It is just a few days ago that we left Iran and we are deeply impressed by the beauty of the country and kindness of the people.
We would like to thank you and Hossein for organizing the trip. We heard, that we caused a lot of trouble fixing the agenda.
Thanks to Hossein and Amir we had great guidance. Both facilitated the contact to local people and being very open minded afterward we reflected our interviews with both of them.
Hossein told us that we missed each other in Shiraz. We are sorry about that and hope there will be a second chance someday somehow.
I took action within the professional association of Intercultural Trainer. We will attend to relevant matters concerning Iranian-German relationship.
So our journey will have a long lasting effect and the effort you gave to our agenda was not in vain and is highly appreciated.
All the best to all of you
Kind regards

Andrew from England

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Thanks so much for organizing our trip Mitra!!! We had a great time!!! The hotels were rad!x

Daphne from Canada

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Hi Mitra, We had an amazing trip in Iran! Thanks a lot for your support and finding the best guide for us ? we had a lot of fun and already want to come back to Iran!!!

Alexander from Germany

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Dear Mitra,

I had a very good day in Isfahan and can only recommend your service. Myriam was a wonderful and knowledgeable guide.

Jackie from the USA

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

dear Mitra, We LOVED our trip in Iran and very much appreciate your help in making it so wonderful!

Here’s some feedback about the hotels:

Our favorite hotels were the historical house in Kashan (Ameriha) and the Zeinodin caravanserai. The caravenserai was super unique, and the historical house in Kashan was SO well done, and super comfortable and nice. Kashan being the last night on our trip was perfect for staying in the Ameriha because we barely wanted to leave the hotel!!

For a regular hotel (not a unique accomodation like in Kashan/Zeinodin), we really enjoyed Zandiyeh in Shiraz – the room and lobby area were brand new and very comfortable. The service there was great, and the location right next to the fortress was phenomenal.

Espinas was fine. We only spent a night there so I don’t remember too much about it.

Hotel Dad and Kowsar were our least favorite ones. We had to switch rooms at Dad because the original one they put us in smelled heavily of smoke, and the next room we moved to wasn’t great either. Neither room got much natural light or felt very comfortable. I think the hotel was perhaps a little older, and the rooms showed it. We did enjoy the breakfast eating area at Dad though. For Kowsar, the room was fine since we got a nice upgrade to a 2-bedroom suite with a living room, but the service at the hotel (maybe because it’s government run?) was not especially good. But I liked the location next to the bridge and river.

As for the guides – Hossein was the best!! I really have to thank you so much for pairing him with us; we REALLY enjoyed our time with him. He was such a wealth of information, and we were constantly surprised at how much knowledge he had about all sorts of things. So we would highly highly recommend him.

Darshak and Alpana from Australia

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Message Body:
Dear Mitra,

It was nice to have met you in Shiraz and put a face to the name.

My wife and I had a fantastic fortnight in Iran. Your organisation of the tour was superb and totally blemish-free.

Omid Samadhi – our Guide, was a wonderful, warm, interesting character whose company and insights we really enjoyed.

If anyone reading this is considering visiting Iran, our advice is simple: NIKE. Just do it.

This is one of the world’s oldest and greatest civilisations. Even now, the country is highly misunderstood.

Don’t think too hard. Don’t be daunted. Don’t be swayed by well-meaning but ignorant friends.

Trust Mitra and her team. Go, Iran!

Darshak (& Alpana)

Steffen from Germany & Andres from Spain

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Hello dear Mitra,
Thanks for having taken the time to come and see us in in our hotel in Shiraz last week.
Now, it is unbelievable but we are already back home. Thanks to you and your team we had a wonderful trip which gave us a marvelous insight into your country, its history, culture, and people. It was a perfect program. We should have taken more time, though: there was much more than we expected. We will come back.
Everything worked perfectly and we felt at ease all the time. The hotels were excellent, especially the Ameriha in Kashar. Our guide from Shiraz to Teheran was outstanding: competent, well organized, an excellent communicator and tactful and warm-hearted at the same time. We miss him.
Many thanks, indeed, to you and the whole team!
All the best. We hope to see you soon.
Steffen & Andres

paul from England

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Salam Mitra joone aziz!

First of all, I want to thank you again for the wonderful visit to Iran which you arranged for us. There was not one mistake or problem during the whole time. Tina was an excellent and sensitive guide. She was able to make new arrangements whenever we asked for some small change to the schedule. On our last day we asked for very specific things – places close to our hotel where we could buy Iranian sweets and Iranian handicrafts – and she took us to just the right places and made our shopping very easy.
It was lovely to meet you – thank you for taking the time. And thank you very much again for all your very hard work arranging the trip Next Friday I’m meeting my classmates from Farsi lessons, and I shall be recommending you to all of them.

Tobias from Germany

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

As a frequent traveler, I have been visited around 100 countries all over the world. A few months ago I decided to make a short one week trip to Iran. ““ made some to the flight and hotel reservations for me. They did a very recommended service for me.
The trip to Iran was amazing. For me, as an aviation enthusiast, I really enjoyed it to fly with some rare airplanes like the Boeing 727-200, Airbus A300 or the Douglas MD80 Series. I went to Teheran, Mashhad, Yazd, Shiraz including Persepolis and Isfahan. I traveled alone and felt very safe at all time. I learned a lot of the Iranian culture, Islamic religion, and history of the country. I was really impressed by the remarkable hospitality of the Iranian people. You have to search very long to find something comparable in the world.
I’m sure that It was not my last visit to that beautiful country. Tobias, Germany”

Margaret from Australia

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Dear Mitra
We both really want to thank you very much for your organization of such an amazing, wonderful and unforgettable visit to your country.
Also thank you for the lovely wall hanging.

Willy from Belgium

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Arrangements with Mohsen (our driver in Tehran) were perfect and we really enjoyed of our one-day in Tehran.
Also many thanks to you and the team at your office for the suggestions and preparations of our trip, the hotel reservations and the quick replies to all our mails.
You have a nice country, with good food and very friendly people.

Linus, Roman, and Raphael from Switzerland

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

Hey Mitra. In the meantime, we already completed the first week of work again after our trip to Iran. So it’s definitely time to give you a feedback about our trip.
First of all, we want to thank you for your work and the great organization of the trip. We had a great time during our visit and really enjoyed the trip with both our guides Haniyeh and Omid. They both did a great job and we’re very knowledgeable about the historic sites and could tell us a lot of information about everything we wanted to know.
Additionally we also really enjoyed the landscape and the people of Iran. We were positively surprised how friendly and interested the people were in us. We had a lot of interesting conversations and even now have some new facebook friends even though we met some people only for a few minutes.
All in all, we can say that the trip surpassed our expectations. The hotels we stayed were great as well (especially Linus liked the western style toilets :)) and we really felt welcomed all the time.
We’ll definitely recommend your company to our friends and would like to come back to Iran sometime soon. I hope that you can find any use for our video at the tomb of cypress. I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon.
Best regards, Linus, Roman and Raphael


9 Days Group Tour in Iran

I had a wonderful time during the trip. The guide was informative, friendly and attentive to our entire group! I definitely plan to be a returning customer and recommend this to my friends and family!


9 Days Group Tour in Iran

I am truly impressed with the attention to detail and constant availability of our agent to help us as and when needed. In these days of the internet most people undervalue the need for using services of people like you who know the intimate details of the place vs some pics on the net which is why when I stumbled upon the We Go Iran site and ended up with this travel agency’s services, I decided to take this as I needed everything to be perfect for my 25th anniversary trip.
Do it over a larger number of days as the second time over having discovered everything it has to offer…there was lot more we could have done by immersing ourselves.

Josef from Germany

9 Days Group Tour in Iran

We had only a few days and wanted to see as much as possible during our short visit to Iran. and especially Mitra was a great help with making our plans and also unusual requests (e.g. special airlines or aircraft on certain flights) were no problem and happily fulfilled. Even during the trip they were always available for assistance and guidance, changes on short notice were no issue at all.
We had two very nice and helpful guides via for Tehran and Shiraz. Both spoke very good English and were really informative!
Definitely a recommendation and will sure come back to Iran and use their services again!
Thank you very much! ?

Ricardo from Portugal

Persian Classic Tour

We had an 11 days tour across Iran (Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz). and Mitra were great solving our doubts and problems across the trip. I’ll definitely recommend to all my friends

Koen from Belgium

Tailor Made Tours in Iran

A discovery of a beautiful fascinating country.
Every year I’m looking for a place to go. This year it was Iran and I didn’t know what to expect. Only the stories that the western world tells you.
It was the beginning of November, the first stop Shiraz airport. We landed in the middle of the night and the local guide was waiting us up with a big smile on here face, we felt us from the first moment welcome.
In the morning we start exploring the beautiful city and the weather was great.
I’m a guy that want to discover a new place trough the lens off my camera. The guide is explaining every site that we are passing. How beautiful is everything.
From Shiraz we are working ours way up to the north with a small bus, stopping on the way in every big cultural or historical place.
One of the well known places is Persepolis, even in November it is there very hot, the place is build in the dessert and temperatures are still 35 degrees. The entrance of the site is very impressive a huge stair take you up to the palace. Where you still find archeological pieces that challenged me to take great pictures.
On our road trip we stayed in hotels, guest house and even on a farm house. I’m easy pleased, when I have a good bed and a clean bathroom, I’m happy.
The food is very varied and tasty, The main food source is rice. They combine it with other ingredients to yummy dishes. Kebab and stews are the other main part of their menu. i fold in love with saffron ice cream.
After 2 weeks we arrived in Teheran, what a great city. for sure it is worth to spent some more time here.
Maybe an idee for next year.

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