Persian Classic Tour

Persian Classic Tour

Persian Classic Tour

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Persian Classic Tour
10 Days from $875 pp

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At a Glance: Shiraz, Isfahan, Tehran, Kashan,Abyaneh

Trip Overview

Our Persian classic tour is appropriate for the passengers who have limited travel duration time in Iran and also want to see the most popular touristy cities and their main highlights.

The package includes Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd ,Shiraz and we try to put the main cultural and historical sites in the plan furthermore, to save your time the Persian classic tour starts from Tehran and end up  in Shiraz but it can be customized based on your international flights and your arrival and departure cities.

One of a few places in the world which has a rich history and culture is Iran; formerly known as Persia, a remarkable country with refined society, warmest and most welcoming people and It’s beautiful mountains, vast deserts and oasis towns will provide you a notable experience in your travel to Iran.

You will arrive in Tehran. The city is a crowded modern city and you will be shocked by its heavy traffic for sure especially in rush hours but it has spectacular museums, palaces and gardens the the trip continues with moving toward the religious city of Kashan which is worth visiting specially if you book a traditional hotel and stay a night there .

Your next destination, Abyaneh village is a quiet spot with fresh air and its mud bricks houses so it is a very good place to relax a little bit far from the cities.

What can we say about Isfahan? This impressive, beautiful ancient city flourished in Safavid dynasty has a lot to see. It can be also called the city of bridges and turquoise mosques. Due to its rich history and its beauty this city is probably one of the most visited city of Iran.

After visiting Isfahan you will drive to Yazd with a short stop in Nain and Meybod. Yazd is a famous desert city with Zoroastrian based, in addition, the city of wind towers has a very unique architecture effected by desert and weather conditions.

And finally your trip concludes in Shiraz, with one of the most valuable Iran highlights, Persepolis from Achaemenid Empire and the great poets’ Hafez and Saadi tombs as well. Shiraz is also the city of gardens.

In conclusion, in this short period of time and with this Persian Classic tour you can almost experience most of the historical sites, impressive picturesque scene and gastronomic delights all together.

Included Highlights Persian Classic Tour Route Map

  • The Archaeological Museum
  • Tabatabaie Residence
  • Carpet Museums
  • Fin garden
  • Abyaneh Historical Village
  • Atiq Mosque
  • Naghsh-e-Jahan Square
  • Persepolis

Optional Activities

  • Spend Time with Nomads
  • Traditional Hotel

Trip Itinerary

Persian Classic Tour Route MapOur routes have been carefully chosen to include the best night stops and highlights. However, as local and operational conditions may vary and unforeseen circumstances can arise, the following itinerary should be used as a guideline.

Day 1

Arrival in Tehran
Arrival in Tehran, transfer to hotel.
Hotel in Tehran   Breakfast
Day 2
Full day city tour of Tehran to visit Golestan Place. This palace is one of the oldest of the historic monuments in Tehran and a world heritage .It is consists of 17 palaces, museums, and Halls and originally built during the Safavid dynasty. Then visiting The Archaeological or national museum which is the combination of two museums, the old Archaeological Museum of Iran, National Arts Museum with eight departments and finally Glass and Carpet Museums.
Hotel in Tehran   Breakfast
Day 3
Tehran – Kashan – Abyaneh
In third day we depart from Isfahan to kashan to visit Tabatabaie Residence, Fin garden, bazaar and Tapeh Sialk or Sialk ziggurat. It is claimed to be the world’s oldest ziggurat, dating to the 3rd millennium BC and discoveries in this region has revealed that here was one of the primary centers of civilization in pre-historic ages. Continue our way to Abyaneh, a tourist village known as a living history museum that has kept its architecture ( all in red clay), ceremonies and culture, language, clothing and etc.
Hotel in Abyaneh   Breakfast
Day 4
Abyaneh – Isfahan
In the morning drive to Isfahan, full day city tour of Isfahan to visit palace of forty columns or Chehel Sotun.. Shah Abbas II in 1647 built this palace as a reception hall and it has 20 columns made of cypress wood  but the reflection of these twenty columns in the adjacent pool provide the other twenty; So, known as forty columns. We will continue Isfahan sightseeing by visiting Naghsh-e-Jahan Square (Image of the World Square). It is the second largest square of the world and one of the world heritage sites of Iran. The square is 160 meters wide by 508 meters long and was initially intended as the site of state ceremonies and sporting events, but by 1602, the Shah had added a commercial element with the construction of two-story shops along the perimeter. Jame Mosques is on the south end, the Lutfallah Mosque on the east, the Ali Qapu Palace on the west, and a grand bazaar on the north end. We finish a busy day of sightseeing by walking along the Zayanderood River and Isfahan famous ancient bridges (si-o-se pol & Khadju).
Hotel in Isfahan   Breakfast
Day 5
We embark on a city tour that covers the rest of highlights of this celebrated historical city and visit Vank Cathedral, then Another world heritage sites of Iran in UNESCO and one of the oldest mosques of Iran i.e. Jame Atiq Mosque. Ali Gholi Agha Complex that consists of a bath, Mosque and Bazaar and the Hasht-Behesht palace
Hotel in Isfahan   Breakfast
Day 6
Isfahan – Yazd
Drive to Yazd with a short stop in Naiin to visit Jame Mosque, Pirnia traditional house. Based on time we can visit Rigareh Water mill and Aba Bafi man made caves in Muhammadieh precinct.
Hotel in Yazd   Breakfast
Day 7
If you want to experience the sense of being stopped in the time, we suggest you allocate a time for a short walk in the old and traditional parts of the city in long, narrow lanes; then Visiting Zoroastrian Towers of Silence and Fire Temple. In the afternoon, visit the local Jameh and Mir-Chakhmaq Mosques and the Water Museum.
Hotel in Yazd   Breakfast
Day 8
Drive to shiraz enroute visiting Zoroastrian Sarv in Abarqu then Pasargadae, the Capital of ancient Persia and the Tomb of Cyrus the great and Persepolis, Naghsh-e-Rostam and Naghsh-e-Rajab.
Hotel in Shiraz   Breakfast
Day 9
Start a beautiful morning in Shiraz to visit Zandieh complex (Karim khan’s citadel, pars museum, Vakil bath, Vakil mosque, Vakil bazaar- the traditional bazaar of Shiraz and Moshir caravanserai). Shiraz was a significant township in Achaemenes times and the treasure trove of Persian culture. It is the birthplace of the great Persian poets Hafiz and Saadi and is known as the city of poets, garden, nightingales and flowers. In the afternoon we continue our tour by visiting Jahan Nama Garden, Hafez & Saadi tomb, Quran gate and Ali ebne Hamze shrine.
Hotel in Shiraz   Breakfast
Day 10
Full day city tour of Shiraz to visit Eram Garden, Nasir Almolk Mosque, Narenjestan Palace, Zinat-al-Molk House. In the afternoon free at leisure to explore the surroundings. There is a delicious Persian cold desert made from corn starch, sugar and rose water. It is originally from Shiraz; so, don’t miss the taste of it even if the time of your travel is winter. Transfer to airport for departure flight. Free to leisure, transfer to airport for departure.

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January 31, 2017

We had an 11 days tour across Iran (Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz). and Mitra were great solving our doubts and problems across the trip. I’ll definitely recommend to all my friends

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