Iran Culinary Tour

Iran Culinary Tour


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Trip Overview

Our Iran culinary tour is recommended for travelers who want to explore and taste traditional Iranian dishes , culture and history all together.

Iranian cuisine is one of the most delicious and mouthwatering style of cooking. This country is a multicultural country and its food is heavily influenced by climate, culture, history, religions and traditions. Therefore, rich and fresh ingredients and the variety of culinary delights, make Iran a wonderful and remarkable destination for food trips.

Fresh green herbs, rice, vegetables, lamb, fish, chicken, saffron, dried lime, mint…are main Iranian food ingredients.

Tea, coffee and Dough (a sour drink made from Yogurt and water and mint)are common popular beverages here.

So in this culinary tour we put our main cities including the highlights to explore the rich history and culture. besides you can taste the local foods and sweets of each city.

We want you to see how our main fresh bread, and sweets..are made in the bakeries and workshops.

You will experience common foods Like Dizi, Kebab (Barg, Koobideh,Joojeh, Sheeshlik) at restaurants and some of the traditional local dishes at an Iranian house’s kitchen like Fesenjan, Ghormeh Sabzi and Kalampolo.

Our clients are able to choose their own menu or leave it to us to arrange it in the best way.

During your culinary tour, you will learn how to make your own Iranian food by helping the Iranian family.

Or you can just sit back and see the procedure and then come to the table to enjoy your meal.

So if you are looking for something different take our Iran culinary tour.

Join us for a surprising holiday, full of local cuisine, traditions, culture, laughter and friendship…

You won’t regret it.

Included Highlights Persian Horse Riding Tour Route Map

  • Golestan Palace
  • Persepolis
  • Pasargadae
  • Iranian hospitality
  • The Archaeological Museum

Optional Activities

  • Spend Time with Nomads
  • Traditional Hotel
  • daily excursion to the nature

Trip Itinerary

Persian Horse Riding Tour Route MapOur routes have been carefully chosen to include the best night stops and highlights. However, as local and operational conditions may vary and unforeseen circumstances can arise, the following itinerary should be used as a guideline.

Day 1


Arrive at the airport, transfer to the hotel for rest  then have a full day city tour of Shiraz including Zandiyeh Complex(Bath, Castle, Bazaar,Mosque/Ali Ebn Hamze Shrine, Hafez tomb. You can have your breakfast at the hotel or taste Ashe Sabzi…. you also should taste Faloodeh ..
Day 2
An excursion to Persepolis as a world heritage, Naqhse rostam and Naqshe rajab and then have a culinary tour at an Iranian house for dinner. You can cook your first Iranian food by help of our cook.
Day 3
Shiraz – Yazd
Drive toward Yazd via Pasargade and Abarku to visit the second oldest cypress in the world. overnight, Zeinodin caravansary (an isolated caravansary to explore the silence of night and gazing the star..)
Day 4
Visit Tower of Silence, Dolat Abad Garden, Amir Chakhmagh complex ( Alexander jail, Power house , Mosque and Bazaar) and fire temple, today you will also visit the confectionary shop to explore how they make their sweets like Ghotab,Baghlva…
Day 5
Drive to Isfahan via Meybod( to visit pigeon tower,Narin (Narenj) castle, shah abbassi caravanserai,Ice house )and Nain (Jame mosque and Pirnia house)
Day 6
Full day city tour of Isfahan including Imam Complex ( Ali Qapu palace , Shah and Sheikh lotfollah mosques, Khajoo and Sio She pol bridges  and Chehel sotoun place.and for your today plan again you will visit some of the confectionary of famous sweets of Isfahan Liek Gaz and Sohan
Day 7
Full day city tour of Isfahan including Vank cathedral, Chehel sotoun palace, Fire temple, shaking minarets, Friday mosque, Hasht behesht palace, then drive to Abyaneh, overnight Abyaneh .
Day 8
Drive to Kashan to visit  fin garden, Agha bozorg mosque, Boroujerdiha and Tabatabaei houses, Sialk mound, lunch or dinner with an Iranian family
Day 9
Drive to Tehran to visit Golestan palace, national and jewelry museum and Bazaar, in Tehran you will explore how our Sangag and Barbary bakery works
Day 10
today breakfast will be Halim with fresh bread then start your city tour of Tehran including Tabiat Bridge, Darband, Saadbad palace. Lunch or diner at local Iranian house then drive to the airport for your flight back

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