Iran Civilization Tour

Iran Civilization Tour

Iran Civilization Tour

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Trip Overview

Our Iran civilization tour, a 16 days experiencing “The History and Cultural Tour of Persia” is a mixed package of the most famous cities of Iran like Tehran, Shiraz, Yazd and t Isfahan plus Kerman, Kermanshah and Hamadan.

The planned itinerary  starts from Tehran the capital of Iran and ends in Shiraz to save your time.

After visiting Tehran sightseeing like museums and palaces you will drive towards Hamadan.

Hamadan is one of the oldest cities not only of Iran but of the world, built by Median Empire , the city which houses the world’s largest water cave (Ali Sadr Cave) and the most important pilgrimage site for Jews in the country (Tomb of Esther and Mordechai)

Tomb of Avicenna one of the greatest philosopher and medicine of the old world is also located in this city.

Your next destination in our Iran civilization tour will be Kermanshah with its moderate, mild and mountainous climate. one of the biggest  and oldest Iranian ethnic groups which is called Kurds live here and they speak Kurdish.

The city and the towns around have lots of historical and natural sites to visit. the impressive reliefs of Taq-E-Bostan  and Bistoun inscription which is considered as  one of  the UNESCO worlds Heritage sites are the most highlights of the city.

from Kermanshah we depart for Isfahan the pearl of Iran then the desert city of Yazd.

Kerman is another desert city. If your travel time is an appropriate time to visit desert you are in a good place. you can have an excursion to Lut desert, unique and amazing scenery with full of peace.

and the last city will be Shiraz with its highlights like Persepolis, one of the great remained sites from Achemanid, Pasargadae in which the tomb of Cyrus the great, the founder of Achemenian dynasty is located and the tombs of the great Iranian poets Hafez and Saadi.

do not miss the gardens of Shiraz.

in brief, Iran is a place that everyone should visit once in their lives to get out of their comfort zones and get a different perspective on life. Iran is an experience of a lifetime. The culture shock in India can be hard to deal with. However, you’ll quickly come to appreciate what you have back home and how fortunate you really are.

Included Highlights Iran Civilization Tour Route Map

  • Ester and Mordkhai
  • Bisotoun
  • Atiq Mosque
  • Rigareh Water Mill
  • Aba Bafi Man-Made Caves
  • Mahan
  • Ganj-Ali Khan Complex
  • Persepolis

Optional Activities

  • Spend Time with Nomads
  • Traditional Hotel

Trip Itinerary

Iran Civilization Tour Route MapOur routes have been carefully chosen to include the best night stops and highlights. However, as local and operational conditions may vary and unforeseen circumstances can arise, the following itinerary should be used as a guideline.

Day 1
Arrival in Tehran
Arrival to Tehran, transfer to hotel.
Hotel in Tehran   Breakfast
Day 2
Full day city tour of Tehran to visit Golestan Place that is both a historic site and museum. It is a complex that consists of 17 palaces, museums, and Halls and it is worth to spend a few hours to visit its luxuriously decorated rooms, nice and big dining area and ballroom and well landscaped Gardens and fountains. The Archaeological or national museum of Iran that represents you many different periods of Iran’s rich history, Glass and Carpet Museums.
Hotel in Tehran   Breakfast
Day 3
Tehran – Hamadan
Drive to Hamadan, en route visiting Ali Sadr cave and lalejin village which is very famous for its pottery and ceramics workshops.
Hotel in Hamadan   Breakfast
Day 4
Full day city tour of Hamadan, one of the most ancient parts of Iran with a very old civilization that dates back to the time of the Medes (700 BC) and holds several historical sites like the traditional tomb housing the biblical Esther and her cousin Mordechai , the tomb of famous scientist and writer i.e. Avecina and The 11th century Iranian poet Baba Taher. Later drive to the ancient city of Hegmataneh then Ganjnameh to visit Achaemenid inscriptions. At the end drive to visit Ghorban tower and the lion statues.
Hotel in Hamadan   Breakfast
Day 5
Hamadan – Kermanshah
Drive to Kermanshah to visit the Anahita Temple at Kangavar, Based on time Tanbur workshop in Sahne village, Sassanian bas-reliefs at Tagh-e Bostan, the Achaemenian inscriptions and reliefs at Bisotoun.
Hotel in Kermanshah   Breakfast
Day 6
Kermanshah – Isfahan
Drive to Isfahan with a short stop in Sahne for visiting Tanbur workshop.
Hotel in Isfahan   Breakfast
Day 7
Full day city tour of Isfahan to visit palace of forty columns or Chehel sotun, it was built by Shah Abbas II in 1647 as a reception hall and has 20 columns made of cypress wood but the reflection of these twenty columns in the adjacent pool and provide the other twenty; So, known as forty columns . We will continue Isfahan sightseeing by visiting Naghsh-e-Jahan Square (Image of the World Square). It is the second largest square of the world and one of the world heritage sites of Iran. The square is 160 meters wide by 508 meters long and was initially intended as the site of state ceremonies and sporting events, but by 1602, the Shah had added a commercial element with the construction of two-story shops along the perimeter. Jame Mosques is on the south end, the Lutfallah Mosque on the east, the Ali Qapu Palace on the west, and a grand bazaar on the north end. We finish a busy day of sightseeing by walking along the Zayande Rood River and Isfahan famous ancient bridges (si-o-se pol & Khadju).
Hotel in Isfahan   Breakfast
Day 8
In the morning embark on a city tour that covers the rest of highlights of this celebrated historical city and visit the magnificent Jame Atiq Mosque. Another world heritage sites of Iran in UNESCO and one of the oldest mosques of Iran. Ali Gholi Agha Complex that consists of a bath, Mosque and Bazaar. The Hasht-Behesht Palace and Vank Cathedral.
Hotel in Isfahan   Breakfast
Day 9
Isfahan – Yazd
Drive to Yazd with a short stop in Na’in to visit Jame Mosque, Pirnia traditional house. Based on time we can visit Rigareh Water mill and Aba Bafi man made caves in Muhammadieh precinct.
Hotel in Yazd   Breakfast
Day 10
Full day city tour of Yazd to visit Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, Fire Temple, Mir-Chakhmaq Mosques and the Water Museum. Allocate a time for a short walk in the old and traditional parts of the city in long, narrow lanes and experience the sense of being stopped in the time.
Hotel in Yazd   Breakfast
Day 11
Excursion to Chak Chak or “the green Pir“ village to visit the most sacred Zoroastrian shrine; then move toward the 4000 years old village of Kharanagh for visiting its beautiful citadel , bath and Caravansary then drive to Kerman.
Hotel in Kerman   Breakfast
Day 12
Half day visit of Kerman to see the Ganj-Ali Khan Complex (bath, Caravansary and bazaar), Friday Mosque and Half day ecursion to Shahdad desert.
Hotel in Kerman   Breakfast
Day 13
Full day excursions to Rayen to visit the Arg-e-Rayen, en-route visit the Shah Nematolah-e Vali Shrine and Prince Gardens at Mahan.
Hotel in Kerman   Breakfast
Day 14
Drive to Shiraz, en-route visit the Sassanian Palace at Sarvestan.
Hotel in Shiraz   Breakfast
Day 15
Start a beautiful morning in Shiraz to visit Zandieh complex (Karim Khan’s citadel, Pars museum, Vakil bath, Vakil mosque, Vakil bazaar -the traditional bazaar of Shiraz- and Moshir Caravansary) . Shiraz was a significant township in Achaemenid times and the treasure trove of Persian culture. It is the birthplace of the great Persian poets Hafiz and Saadi and is known as the city of poets, garden, nightingales and flowers. In the afternoon we continue our tour by visiting Jahan Nama Garden, Hafez & Saadi tomb, Quran gate and Ali Ebne Hamze shrine.
Hotel in Shiraz   Breakfast
Day 16
Full day excursion to splendid Persepolis , a world heritage site backed by Mount Rahmat and is the ancient Persian capital, then Naghsh-e-Rostam and Naghsh-e-Rajab; and the Tomb of Cyrus the great i.e. Pasargadae. Drive back to Shiraz .transfer to airport for departure flight.

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