Noushabad underground city



Noushabad underground city

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“Noushabad underground city” (Nushabad) is a city of ancient and historic areas. It is located in the north of Isfahan province and about five kilometers from Kashan. It is also on the historic Silk Road that still marks the miracle of art from the Seljuk period up to the Qajar.

Inscriptions on the walls and minarets in the mosques and sanctuaries, show the historical significance of the city; but the Noushabad, is one of the amazing works of Iran’s architecture now and then. The world of shadows that lives under the light fat-burning lamps and maze-like tunnels.

The extent of this underground wonder is still unknown to the archeologist. It starts from a 4-meter depth to a depth of 16 meters underground. This underground city consists of narrow corridors with a rectangular room and a niche created in the walls.

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