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Best Time to Visit Iran

Iran Map BookThe main factor in determining the time of travel to Iran is temperature; especially in a country that temperature vary wildly .e.g. when you can enjoy a pleasant weather in Kish or Qeshm Island, the temperature in a city like Ardebil or Tabriz can be -7 C to -10 C. But generally spring (April –June) and Autumn (September-December) are best times for travel to Iran because the weather is pretty nice.

Although the cities you select to visit in the above stated times play an important role. i.e. on April and May the weather will be wonderful in Shiraz and Isfahan and from September till December southern islands like Kish, Qeshm or Hengam are good options.

Also, Nowruz, Ramazan and mouring ceremonies such as Moharam all have their own stories that may provide you a unique experience.

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