Persian Horse Riding Tour

Persian Horse Riding Tour

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Persian Horse Riding Tour.

Most of the travelers come to Iran to visit well-known attractions in main cities like Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd and etc. That’s right; Iran is the home of one of the greatest empires i.e. Achaemenid dynasty and has a complex and ancient history. But besides a cultural and historical travel, you can have an adventure trip and spend a night in nomad tents; stay in an old caravanserai in the middle of a desert, adventure through the mountains or ride with Persian Horses into the Heart of Untouched lands. Horseback riding in Iran provides a very unique opportunity for those who highly spirited and like to experience different things in life. It can take place in Golestan and Fars provinces.

  • Our routes have been carefully chosen to include the best night stops and highlights. However, as local and operational conditions may vary and unforeseen circumstances can arise, the following itinerary should be used as a guideline.

one day horse back riding excursion around shiraz

One person: 160 Euro

Two people: 135 Euro

Three people: 100 Euro

Four people: 95 Euro

Five people: 85 Euro

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