9 Days Group Tour in Iran


9 Days Group Tour in Iran

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Our 9-day Iran group tour sets out from Tehran and ends in Shiraz.

This awesome group tour takes you through the most famous Iran cities such as Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd, and Shiraz, showing you the best key attractions of each city.

In addition to common highlights, some of Iran UNESCO world heritage sites are also included in our Iran group tour. You visit Golestan Palace in Tehran, Naqsh -e- Jahan square in Esfahan, Historic city of Yazd and Finally, Persepolis, Pasargadae and Persian garden in Shiraz.

Why we choose different destinations for your arrival and departure? There are several reasons.

What are the advantages of different arrival and departure destinations? in brief, we can explain it in two reasons.

  • First of all, you will save up your time and costs, besides that, some people probably don’t like to use domestic flights. As a result, we arrange this ground tour.
  • Subsequently, as Both Tehran and Shiraz have international airports, we generally recommend you, book your international flight in a way that you enter Tehran and leave here from Shiraz. If it is not a good choice for you, then, don’t worry! Just ask our colleagues to book your ticket to Tehran at the end of the trip. You can take a bus, train, flight as well as private transfer by car from Shiraz.

What are the advantages of booking this guided group trip?

  • First, except exploring Iran as a new destination and meeting local people, your group members will be probably from different countries so you can easily make new friends.
  • The second one, everything is arranged in advance so there is nothing to be worried.
  • The third one, the guide usually is the most important advantage of the tour because he/she can handle all emergencies in case.
  • The fourth one, you can save up your costs and time.
  • The fifth one, the tour includes accommodation in hotels as well as entrance tickets, expert English speaking guide, meals (breakfast, Lunch, and dinner), your entire transfers and transportation during your trip. In other words, the only things you need to do is, book your international flight and collect your visa.
  • Above all, as a travel agency, we are always here to help.And finally, If you arrive earlier or leave Iran later than our group tour timetable, ask our colleagues to give you the extra services you need.
Day 1


The tour starts at 9 am from your hotel lobby to visit Golestan Palace, Bazaar, national museum, and jewelry museum. Golestan Palace is the first historical site in our itinerary. This unique world heritage site with a splendid mirror hall, is the oldest building exists in Tehran. The Palace goes back to the time before Tehran chosen to be the capital of Iran. Ten minutes walking away from palace we could walk in one of the greatest Bazaars in architecture and size in the Middle East. Isn’t it enjoyable to see the real life of people in the Capital of Iran? Iran national museum contains archaeological artifacts and fossils from lower, middle and upper Paleolithic till Sassanid period. The building of the museum itself was constructed by the influential of Sassanid vault particularly the Eyvan _e _kasra at Ctesiphon in current Iraq. In jewelry museum, we have a chance to see a priceless collection, the reflection of the types and history and artistry of the residents of this land. The collection contains one of the unique selected gems in the entire world. Drive back to the hotel for rest, overnight Tehran.
Day 2

Tehran - Kashan

Drive to Kashan early in the morning. In Kashan city, we are going to visit one of the magnificent historical Persian gardens Fin garden. The Fin garden is completed in 1590. After visiting the garden we are going to see Boroujerdi and Tabatabaei traditional houses that belong to two wealthy merchants and decorated and beautified excellently in the 18th century. After visiting Aghabozorg mosque and the religious school that in its own architectural details is one of the unique types, we are going to visit Sialk mound which is a large ancient archaeological site, and it was built around 3000BC.
Day 3

Kashan - Isfahan

Approximately at 8:30 am, we could leave Kashan to go through Abyaneh village. It takes around one hour to reach the village which is characterized by peculiar reddish hue. The village is one of the oldest in Iran and so absorbing sites as people have persistently maintained to wear their traditional costume. After walking and enjoying the nature and architecture of the village, we are going to have lunch and leave Abyaneh to reach Isfahan. In the evening we are going to visit the two ancient bridges of Si o Seh pol and Khajoo bridges then check in Hotel and overnight in Isfahan.
Day 4


We set an appointment in the morning at the lobby of the hotel to explore the beauties of Isfahan, that is Iran’s masterpiece, a great jewel of ancient Persia and one of the unique cities in the Islamic world. The exquisite blue mosaic tiles of Isfahan’s Islamic buildings, its expansive Bazar, and the cities smart urban design demand a full day excursion. We are going to visit Ali Qapu palace, Shah and Sheikh lotf ollah mosques which are located around the great Naqshe Jahan Square. Our next stop will be Chehel sotoon palace which is ten minutes walking, and by the vehicle, we could go to visit Jame Mosque. After that, we are going through to Vank Cathedral in the Armenian Christian section of the city. We could enjoy a great lunch and drink coffee in the first coffee house of Isfahan. Overnight in Isfahan.
Day 5

Isfahan - Yazd

Drive to Yazd via Nain. We are driving through the main plateau of Iran while we are going to reach Yazd. We are about to visit two historical cities constructed as suitable as the desert climate of the region. In Nain, the first stop is Jame mosque or congregational mosque afterward Pirniya historical house. Then, we are going to walk 30 minutes to cross the abandoned Bazaar which in architecture is so well designed and unique. Next city is Maybod and its first site to visit will be a pigeon tower and then a mud-brick fort made 2000 years ago named Narin Qaleh, Shah Abbasi caravansary, and an ice house. We would reach Yazd during the evening so overnight we are in Yazd.
Day 6


Full day city tour of Yazd including Tower of Silence, Dowlat Abad Garden, Amir Chakhmagh complex (Alexander jail, Powerhouse, Mosque, and Bazaar) and fire temple, Overnight Yazd Yazd is still the home of Iran’s largest community of Zoroastrians who are living there since Sassanid period in Iran (6th century) and one of the oldest mud- brick cities in Iran. It is called the city of wind catchers as well. In the morning, our first site to explore is the Tower of silence. Zoroastrians believed burials or cremations would pollute the earth or fire, which are precious elements in their religion. As a result, they used this building as a storage house for the dead. It dates back to the 18th century. Corpses were left there to decompose and be devoured by birds. Next, we would visit Fire temple, the house of eternal fire. Although the fire house is made in the 1940s, but the sacred fire has been burning since 470 AD. Then we are going to enjoy visiting a brilliant mosque and after that, we would walk through Alexander jail and enjoy the elaborate historical made streets of Yazd. The walking tour in the great bazaar of Yazd would worth a tasty lunch afterward! In the evening, Dolat Abad garden and Amir Chakhmakh complex and powerhouse are next visiting sites. Finally you will be transferred to the hotels to rest. Overnight in Yazd.
Day 7

Yazd - Shiraz

Drive to Shiraz via Abarku to visit the second oldest cypress in the world and then Pasargadae, the tomb of Cyrus the great, Overnight Shiraz
Day 8


Shiraz, The well-known city of poetry and roses and nightingales is located in the center of Fars province. Fars or better to say Pars has a role of great significant in great Persian civilization and it has been an important trading center for over a thousand years. The entire province is greatly indebted the settlement of The Achaemenid and Sassanid dynasties for its majestic culture heritage that is scattered all over the territory of Fars. Monuments in this region are in both pre_ Islamic and Islamic and are showing the rapid progress of materializing in Shiraz. Today we have a great excursion to Persepolis, Necropolis (Naghshe Rostam) and Naghshe Rajab .A visit to the ruins of the ancient city of Persepolis is one of the highlights of any trip to Iran which goes back to 550BC. The massive impressive features of the ruins are the splendid bas-reliefs, which adorn many of staircases and palaces on the site and provide a rich treasure house of ancient history. The city wasn’t recovered until the 1930s, which is partly why it still survives so intact today. At Necropolis a mooted UNESCO world heritage site, you will find the tomb of the four powerful Achaemenian kings carved on huge rocks. Also carved into the cliff are seven Sassanian reliefs that show images of imperial conquest and royal processions, including Shapur’s famous victory over Roman Emperor Valerian. Time to go back to your hotel to have some rest. Overnight, Shiraz
Day 9


We have a full day city tour of Shiraz including Zandiye complex which contains a public bath and bazaar and a greatly beautified mosque that belongs to 16th century. We could walk through a great castle called Arg-E- Karimkhan, then we would visit Nasirolmolk or pink mosque built during the Qajar era by the order of governor of Shiraz according to his personal taste. This Mosque is very well known because of the advanced mathematical and geometrical patterns and the wooden elements which are made from expensive walnut wood. The mosque is most famous for its stained glass windows. During the evening we are visiting Mausoleums of poet Hafez & Saadi. And finally get ready to be impressed by splendid mirror work at Ali Ebne Hamze Shrine. Overnight we stay in Shiraz, (end of the tour and services)

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Price and Dates:

Group Size: Minimum:6 Maximum:20

Price from: 995 US$


Prices are based on 2 people sharing a room. If you want to book a single room, then additional supplement is charged

Single Supplement Price: 520 US$

Date: from Aug 2019 until March 2020

19 Aug- 27 Aug
2 Sept- 10 Sept
9 Sept- 17 Sept
Oct (on request)
4 Nov- 12 Nov
2 Dec- 10 Dec
9 Dec – 17 Dec
23 Dec- 31 Dec
30 Dec- 7 Jan
6 Jan- 14 Jan
13 Jan- 21 Jan
3 Feb- 11 Feb
10 Feb- 18 Feb
3 March-11 March


9 nights’ Accommodation at 3* hotels/based on twin rooms
9 breakfasts, 9 dinners and 9 lunches
Driver for the whole trip
English speaking guide for the whole trip
Historical entrances based on mentioned sites in the package
The reference number for Iran visa (our service fee for the visa is free on your tour but note that you need to pay another fee at the embassy as a consular fee which is obviously different from our service fee.)
Lunch and dinner at good local restaurants


Consular fee at the embassy
international flights
Tip to the driver, guide, laundry, mini bar…
everything which is not mentioned in included services
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