Iran has a reasonable variety of accommodation types. hotels here are classified based on their size and facilities. Quality of the hotels is a critical element of the visitor experience for both leisure and business. even though in Iran the hotel’s category includes; 1*,2 * ,top 2*, 3 *, top 3 *,4*,top 4* and 5* hotels but the quality of services is a little bit far from the quality standards but it doesn’t mean that you would not have an enjoyable night. fortunately the hotel industry is growing all over the world and Iran is not an exception. guest houses, Inns, rural houses, caravansary and traditional houses are also available and we highly recommend that you experience staying at traditional houses at least for one night in the cities like Kashan and Yazd and believe us you will not regret being in the atmosphere of ancient Iranian houses of long ago. Please book your hotels in advance especially in high seasons, because our accommodations options are quite limited. and finally it is obvious that we are able to book all type of hotels for you. Just give us an idea about your budget and interests. we will suggest the best possible options.