Bekhradi Historical House


Bekhradi Historical House

Bekhradi Historical House is the rarest in its kind of accommodation according to its age (from 17 th century till now) & repairs. The house kept the Iranian style in every single angle. Even the names of the rooms are same as their what they’ve been Called past in Iran.
Accommodating in this house will be a choice from one of the below options:
Room Types:
Hojreh (also called as summer suite), which is located at the basement of the complex and can accommodate up to four guests.
Gooshvareh rooms are located at ground floor and each can accommodate from one to four person.
Tagh rooms are the most beautiful rooms of the place and are located at the second floor. We can accommodate from one to five person in a Tagh room, also one of rooms has a balcony with the view of the yard.
Ravagh rooms are located at the first floor too. One of the Ravagh rooms has a balcony with the view of the yard & you can enjoy the calmness of warm color lights which is made by the glass work in the full sized window of the room.

Bekhradi Historical House, distance from places

  • Hotel   Airport 27.3 Km
  • Hotel   Zayanderud Bus Terminal 5.7 Km
  • Hotel   Kave Terminal 6 Km
  • Hotel   Jameh Mosque of Isfahan 3.9 Km
  • Hotel   Chehel Sotoun 3.2 Km
  • Hotel   Hasht Behesht Palace 3.9 Km
  • Hotel   Chahar Bagh e Abbasi St 3.5 Km
  • Hotel   Menar Jonban 6.5 Km
  • Hotel   Pigeon Tower 10 Km
  • Hotel   Isfahan City Center 13.1 Km
  • Hotel   Fire temple of Isfahan 8.7 Km
  • Hotel   Vank Cathedral 6 m
  • Hotel   Isfahan Birds Garden 6.6 Km
  • Hotel   Shahrzad Restaurant 3.7 Km
  • Hotel   Julfa 5.8 Km
  • Hotel   Marnan Bridge 4.9 Km

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