Kashke Bademjan

Persian Cuisine is infused with surprise ingredients. One unique ingredient is Whey (Kask). Whey is the liquid remaining after milk has been curdled and strained. It is white and has been recently become very popular in the west as a nutritious ingredient. Well, this power food has been a part of Persian Cuisine for a [...]


Abyaneh is a small village of nearly 170 families in Natanz county located in Isfahan province.  The significance of this village is that the language spoken is known to the purest and oldest dialect of Persian-Farsi, which is the official language of Iran. Women still wear very traditional clothes and over all the ancient traditions are [...]

Noushabad underground city

"Noushabad underground city” (Nushabad) is a city of ancient and historic areas. It is located in the north of Isfahan province and about five kilometers from Kashan. It is also on the historic Silk Road that still marks the miracle of art from the Seljuk period up to the Qajar. Inscriptions on the walls and minarets in the mosques and sanctuaries, show the historical significance [...]